Project Planning with Timelinr Personal Plan: Lifetime Subscription

Any time you set out to work on a project you want to know where you’re headed with it. It can help so much just to get a clear map showing the different features you want to be sure to include and how you’ll actually reach the endpoint of your project. This is where a lifetime subscription for TimelinrPersonal Plan can help you greatly.

This project-planning app lets you create these project roadmaps in mere seconds. It will help not only you but also your co-workers, clients, etc. No matter where you are in that process, such as the project leader, or whether you are just one of many working on a project, it can help you plan and check your progress.

Timelinr will help you create a timeline to plan tasks and resources for your project. It promises you a blend of sprint and roadmap planning tools and allows you to ditch paper lists. You can get lifetime unlimited access to timelines, sharing, and collab for up to five people.

You can be sure your team keeps up with the project from start to finish with SimulCollab and get this lifetime subscription for just $49.99.

TimelinrPersonal Plan: Lifetime Subscription

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