The Best Time Zone Converters for Easy Scheduling

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In a world that is working remotely more than ever, getting to know each other’s timezones has become more important than ever. Many workers are starting to familiarize themselves with GMT, PDT, PST and other time-zone acronyms. As nice as it is to have colleagues spread all over the globe, it can also be a bit problematic. These time zone converters can be of great help.

1. TimeAndDate (Web, iOS, Android)

The TimeAndDate time zone converter allows you to add present, past and future dates for up to 11 cities for conversion. There is a “sort by” option where you can organize the time by city, country or time. You can also get it to display the “UTC time” in the display result too.

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A big pro for this site is the option to jump into the “World Clock” drop-down in the menu bar and find the current time in more than 1000 cities around the globe.

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2. Every Time Zone (Web)

Singularly focused on various time zones around the world, Every Time Zone is a standout choice in this space. Depending on your location, when you first launch the page, the site will show you some primary time zone considerations. Adjusting past, present and future times is as easy as moving the slider back and forth.

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One potential con is that to personalize the locations, you need to create an account using an existing Gmail account. However, once you are signed in, it automatically save your personalized location list for quick access at any time.

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A “Pro” service adds the ability to customize the timeline, share events via iCal invites and create meeting times that work with a global team. Three users can go pro for $39 a year and up to 15 users for $119 a year.

3. (Web)

Instead of a service that feels more like a line graph, opts to show the faces of your team alongside their current timezone. It’s a strong differentiator that assists with locating and identifying your team’s various time zone locations.

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The biggest negative for this site is that there have not been any feature updates in almost three years. Given that, smaller teams should take it for a spin with the knowledge and understanding they may need to pivot to an alternative in the future.

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4. World Time Buddy (Web, iOS, Android)

World Time Buddy is a time zone converter, meeting scheduler and general world clock all in one. The site makes it super simple to add locations with the caveat that you can only add up to four locations for free.

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A $2.99 monthly fee bumps that up to 20 locations and $5.99 monthly allows for unlimited locations. Once you are a paid subscriber, you can reorder locations as well as add locations by a group rather than individually. Setting up a meeting between time zones is incredibly simple with the benefit of exporting invites to iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook or Gmail.

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Mobile apps are available for both iPhone and Android, each with a $2.99 cost to unlock all of the features. Like the site, the app also limits you to four locations if you opt for the free plan.

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5. Time Zone Converter – Savvy Time (Chrome Extension)

When a website or mobile app is too much for time zone conversion, a browser extension may be all you need. Enter Time Zone Converter – Savvy Time, which at its core is a time zone and local time converter. More than 100,000 cities are available across 300 time zones with both 12- and 24-hour timelines available.

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Savvy Time gets the job done if you just need a simple tool to show the time for different timezone. Of course, it’s also free and can be uninstalled and reinstalled as frequently as you want.

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6. FoxClocks (Firefox Extension)

Firefox users looking for a quick and simplified way to look at various time zones should look to FoxClocks. The extension lets you put both your local time and various time zones at the bottom of your browser or in the extension bar. Each time zone is represented by its own clock and is updated automatically.

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Given limited screen real estate at the bottom of the browser, there are only so many locations you’d want to use before FoxClocks gets too crowded. The same goes for the number of locations utilized in the extension drop-down.

7. World Clock Time Widget (iOS, watchOS)

iPhone and iPad users looking for something that can be quickly referenced on a mobile device should look to World Clock Time Widget. Along with personalized locations, the look and feel of the app can also be personalized, something which isn’t present in most web tools.

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There are hundreds of cities available for entry, with each one automatically syncing in both 12- and 24-hour formats. Widget users will be able to view the time, location and the time difference between locations. Time zones sync via iCloud, so iPhone and iPad users only have to set everything up once. If the app has any cons, it’s that it’s subscription-based, so you’ll have to pay monthly, annually, or lifetime to take full advantage of its feature set.

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8. Time Zone Converter – World Time Zones – Clock (Android)

When it comes to Android apps for time zone conversion, Time Zone Converter – World Time Zones – Clock stands out. The straightforward design makes it feel very intuitive to quickly add time zones from over 500 locations worldwide. If the city you are searching for doesn’t populate, the app will still find a location that sits in the same timezone and rename it for you.

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Another nicety here is the addition of a list of favorite time zones that are quickly found on a home screen. That it’s free only adds to the reasons Android users should look to this app first.

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9. Time Zone Converter by TheTimeNow (Web)

Immediately upon visiting TheTimeNow, you can quickly see what makes this site so popular. Navigating between past, present, and future time zone adjustments is very straightforward. Daylight savings time is captured for ensuring you’re never an hour off, and you can choose between 12- and 24-hour time zone breakdowns.

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One big benefit of TheTimeNow is found on the left menu bar toward the bottom where you can see dozens of quick time zone conversions before setting up multiple locations. Another pro is that the site also adds a few other extras in the form of a distance calculator between two locations and a currency converter, which isn’t found on most competing options.

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10. (Web) is a bare-bones conversion tool that is best used to quickly look up two locations. If you are in Miami and want to quickly know the time in Berlin, this is the tool to use.

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If you look to the bottom of the site and click on “World Clock,” you can add multiple locations. All totaled, you can preview up to 20 locations at once. One missing aspect of the site is that there is no daylight savings conversion, so if that’s something you need as a mandatory feature, you won’t find it here.

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What you will find is a bare-bones time conversion tool that gets right to what you need without any interference from extra features, subscriptions or extensions.

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