TikTok-Alternative Triller Threatened Lawsuit Over Downloads Report

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A recent lawsuit threat shows just how competitive the mobile app business is. With TikTok currently in trouble in the United States, the TikTok-alternative Triller threatened to sue because a report said it didn’t really have the number of downloads it claimed to.

Triller Downloads Claim

It’s easy to see why it’s so important to TikTok-alternative Triller that it be seen as a major player in the social media music video business. TikTok is in grave danger in the U.S. The Chinese-owned app has been caught copying data. This has led to Donald Trump threatening to ban it unless it’s sold.

Triller wants to be TikTok’s successor as the leading app for creating music video clips and sharing them with social media. It issued a statement saying it had been downloaded 250 million and saw an increase 20-fold in the last week of July, amidst the controversy.

Apptopia, an app store intelligence firm, estimated the downloads were really on 52 million during that time. Sensor Tower was then asked to estimate the downloads and came up with an even lower number of 45.6 million.

Triller Threat

This led Triller to issue a threat to sue, just because it was hinted that the app wasn’t being honest about its true downloads.

“We would have welcomed Apptopia with open arms had they just reached out to us, and helped them understand our numbers, and now they have just made themselves part of our TikTok litigation,” wrote Triller chief executive Mike Lu to TechCrunch.

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“We will be pursuing a claim against them for spreading harmful, false, and unknowingly damaging information.”

He refers to a previous lawsuit against ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company. The suit claims it infringed on Triller’s patent for syncing music and video.

Lu also says Apptopia “clearly have allowed themselves to become a pawn of these giant conglomerates, especially those like TikTok.”

It shows how competitive this business is. Downloads, uniques views, etc., mean everything to app developers and website curators. Out of that need to place high on Google and in app stores, figures, data, and analytics are poured over and compared to competitors.

It’s something the average user doesn’t realize. Every time your interest is piqued and you download an app, it means much more to the company that created it than it means to you.

TikTok facing a major ban in the United States and other countries automatically raised the game of its competitors. It’s unknown where the discrepancy lies with TikTok-alternative Triller and its downloads, but the company needs to get that sorted out if they’re going to cash in on a possible TikTok ban.

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