This Week’s Best Chrome and Firefox Extensions

A lot of web extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox are added daily, it’s hard to determine which one is really worth a try. With this roundup, we aim to make your life easier by giving you only the best new web tools that pass the MTE standards. Here are this week’s picks:

Google Chrome


safegmailSafeGmail encrypts your email messages for privacy. The extension works with any email provider recepient, and requires that Gmail be free of any other extensions. Emails are sent with a question which the recipient must answer correctly before he can read the encrypted message.

Color my Facebook

color-my-facebookThis extension lets you change your Facebook pages into any color of your choice. The new color replaces parts that are normally blue such as the page header, bold text, and notification icons.

Facebook Nanny

facebook-nannyDo you always find yourself browsing through Facebook when you should be working? This extension might work for you. Facebook Nanny restricts access to Facebook unless you have notifications.

Docs in Google Drive

docs-in-google-driveAs the name suggests, this extension from Google provides quick access to your Google Drive documents from within the browser. This is great for several people working on a single documents to view any changes being made in real time. Documents can also be accessed offline.

Click-free browsing

click-free-browsingIf you want to navigate through links and web pages without clicking on your mouse, this extension does the job. Hovering over a scrollbar automatically moves the page up or down. Place your mouse pointer over a hyperlink and it opens it right then. This extension works on standard HTTP web addresses, but not on HTTPS.


Fastest Facebook

fastest-facebookThis add-on creates a sidebar within the browser for easy access to Facebook. The sidebar stays visible even when opening other websites, enabling you to stay connected with Facebook while browsing through different websites. Scroll through your entire Facebook timeline, post a status update or reply to comments – all from one central place.

AOL One Click

aol-one-clickThis add-on provides one-click access to including email, news, videos and more.


momentIf you want a minimalist clock on your browser to track the time, try this add-on. When installed, a clock with the time, date and weather is visible in your New tab page. You can customize both background and text colors.

Priveazy Lockdown

priveazy-lockdownThis add-on helps you choose which privacy settings to set for social networking accounts. Social networks include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

Cockpit Home Page

cockpit-home-pageA quick way to access all bookmarks and other settings from the Firefox default home page. Bookmarks are shown as tiled thumbnails below the Google search bar.

Add-ons and extensions are great for adding features to browsers and can even change the way you work online. Just remember to learn as much as you can about the extension by reading its information page before you install them. Do you have a great new extension/add-on to add to the list? Share them on the comments below!

Kim Barloso
Kim Barloso

Kim is a freelance tech writer who loves to explore mobile and web applications.Visit her blog, Kim The Writer, where she gives freelance writing advice.

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