4 of the Best Third-Party Uninstallers for Windows

4 Best Third-Party Uninstallers for Windows

Windows has its own built-in uninstaller that can be used to uninstall any and all of the programs that you install on your PC. But let’s face it, the built-in uninstaller is really basic and often it just can’t uninstall a program completely without leaving several leftovers like the empty registry keys, folders in your C drive, program data, application shortcuts, etc. Sometimes, these leftovers may interfere with the regular system performance in a bad way.

So, if you are serious about completely uninstalling a program from your computer, then the third-party uninstallers are the way to go. These third-party uninstallers can deeply scan your system to find and remove any leftovers. In case you are wondering, here are some of the best uninstallers for your Windows PC to get you started.

1. Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is one of the best and most popular uninstaller apps for Windows. While uninstalling a program through Revo uninstaller it scans and removes the leftovers, including but not limited to program shortcuts, registry keys, empty files and folders, etc. The best thing about Revo uninstaller is that it can monitor all the changes made by an app during the installation process in real time to effectively remove it when necessary. The other good feature is its “Hunter Mode.” When activated, a single click on any running application will start the uninstallation procedure of that application.


Revo uninstaller can also uninstall programs that are uninstalled incorrectly or with a small footprint. The program is available both in free and paid versions where the free version is limited in terms of advanced features like bulk uninstallation, advanced cleaning, etc.

2. Iobit Uninstaller

Iobit uninstaller is just like Revo uninstaller and can quickly uninstall the selected programs while taking care of all the leftovers by the target program. The good thing about Iobit Uninstaller is that it supports batch uninstalling and also comes in a portable variant so that you don’t have to install it in order to uninstall a program on your system. This is particularly useful if you want to have a portable uninstaller on the go or if you just want to use it temporarily.


Just like Revo you can use the Iobit uninstaller to uninstall programs that are not installed properly or have a small footprint.

3. Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is a free standalone Windows uninstaller that is lightweight and easy to use. Even though the freeware looks simple, the user interface is beginner-friendly and can uninstall programs faster than the regular Windows uninstaller. Moreover, Geek Uninstaller is a portable application and even has some advanced features like deep scan, force removal, etc. If you are looking for a simple, free and portable Windows uninstaller then Geek Uninstaller would be a good choice.


4. ZSoft Uninstaller

ZSoft Uninstaller is yet another freeware that can quickly and efficiently uninstall programs on your Windows computer. Just like Revo, ZSoft can monitor applications for all the changes they make during the installation process to effectively uninstall them in the future, but you need to manually alert the program while you are installing an application.


Being a lightweight software, the user interface is straightforward, and the ZSoft uninstaller is also available in a portable variant.

Besides the uninstallers shared above, CCleaner’s built-in uninstaller is also good but not as much as a dedicated uninstaller. So, in case you are wondering where the CCleaner is, here it is.

Hopefully that helps. Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about the above shared uninstallers for Windows.

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  1. I’m using windows about 15 years and i never saw that windows uninstall any software completely.

  2. When I was on Windows I tried the top three of these. Revo Free uninstalls only 32bit programs; the Pro version you show must be paid for. I used both the installed and portable version. The IOBit uninstaller I tried was the installed version and it came with a lot of sneaky extras that had to be found and uninstalled afterward. Geek Uninstaller does both x86 and x64 programs, and does it as well as Revo Free with the exception of a few registry items in the few comparisons I tried. It was my go-to uninstaller.

  3. Forget IObit all their software is garbage lots of trickery and their company profile is rubbish as well. (just google ‘iobit malwarebytes’ They pretend being based in Silicon Valley while in reality they are in China.

    If you uninstall a program with IObit, Revo PRO can still find it it’s even still functional and you can uninstall it for the second time. IObit file locker does not hide/encrypt files at all and they using fake animations to make their cleaning software look impressive. (like android Clean Master which is fake as well)

  4. When I used Windows, I would use the Windows Uninstaller then edit the Registry manually for any keys left behind. It seems all uninstallers left something behind in the Registry, necessitating a manual edit.

  5. The oddly named company Ashampoo, from Germany, sells a decent Uninstaller which works by logging the files that are created during Install. So in theory you get a perfect Uninstall, particularly with software you recently installed (say for testing). It still has a go at Uninstalling other unlogged software. It isn’t usually free, although I mostly use the free (full) versions from PC magazines. Buying a full licence is not expensive anyway and they are always having sales and special offers.

  6. Not a one of the listed uninstallers comes close to what “Your Uninstaller” can do! It is by far the best and most effective uninstaller available for Windows PERIOD!

  7. I use Ashampoo uninstaller and as long as you activate is monitor program it seems to remove everything. I’ve not found fragments afterwards other than perhaps the top level program directory

  8. I’m using Revo these days, but I used to use Total Uninstall over at http://www.martau.com/. Not free, but worth a look.

  9. I vote again for Your Uninstaller which is unfortunately not free, but the best out there.
    A colleague swears by Revo and keeps trying to convert me as I try to convert him !

  10. I have used ‘Your Uninstaller’ since it was first released. I bought the lifetime free updates several years ago and have never regretted it. It has removed programs that others have missed and I have zero complaints. It is the one and only for me. I have tried all that you claim are the best and I ended up uninstalling them with ‘Your Uninstaller’. If you are going to compare uninstallers then compare them against the best. Just do not leave the best out, because then your ‘best’ will not hold a candle to ‘Your Uninstaller’

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