Think You Know Gmail? Let’s Find Out!

It doesn’t take long for email users to make their way to Gmail. It’s always an easy option. It’s available on seemingly every platform and does a good job filtering out spam. In addition, it’s part of the Google suite of apps so just works so well in conjunction with so many other services you may be using already such as Google Drive or YouTube.

Whether or not you use Gmail, you most likely know a thing or two about it. But do you know ten things? Take our quick quiz and find out how much you know about its history and its features.


  1. Laura, may I point out that the approved answer to question #4 is off by three orders of magnitude ; the limit of individual emails is not, as suggested, 25 GB, but rather 25 MB….

    With regard to question #3, as of 13 May 2013, Google performed an overall merge of storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos, with a total default storage limit of 15 GB ; thus the suggested answer of 10 GB is misleading….



    1. My apologies for my typo in #4. I have corrected it.

    2. Many thanks, Henri! I can only conclude that the entire quiz may be flawed. Therefore, we can all reject it, and the fact that it says I only got 4 correct answers doesn’t count. Whew!?

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