10 Awesome Things You Can Do with a Virtual Reality Headset

While virtual reality might seem like a recent technology, that’s far from the truth because we’ve had bits and pieces of it before. Since the 1960s we have seen prototypes of immersive stereoscopic videos, motion-tracking headsets and interactive Google Street View-like experiences. The fact is that it is only in recent years that the technology has matured and been made available for the public.

Do you often think of things to do with a VR headset? Are there experiences you wish you could do that you think are impossible? It’ll surprise you to hear what you can do with a VR headset.

1. Mountain Bike Experience

Go mountain biking with your VR headset. Using a stationary bike that is compatible with your VR headset and an extreme mountain biking app.


The two models to pick from include:

The Ebove bike

The Ebove bike was designed to be compatible with VR technology. There’s no doubt that the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive initiated VR gaming, but newer ones have joined the competition.

The Ebove bike inclines and goes the opposite way, uses pedal resistance and sideways tilt, and all correspond automatically to the 3D visuals. You can choose from a range of preloaded routes and tracks that can be operated and viewed on a 15.6-inch touchscreen. You can even challenge friends in real time.


The bike is compatible with Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive and works well with PC and PS4. VirZOOM is less fanciful than the Ebove as the reactiveness corresponds to your speed input. This is justified as the VirZOOM is way cheaper than the Ebove.

2. Feel Free Like a Bird

Humans have always been inspired by the flying of birds as is evident in many inventions. It’s only natural that it should be one of the things to do with a VR headset. Unlike other inventions, with the VR headset you are the one doing the flying.


Birdly gives you the most realistic bird-like experience. Simulate flight posture by lying on a padded platform while wearing your headset. The flaps serve as your wings, and the hydraulic mechanism of the device tips you forward when you dive.

3. Exploring Places

Choosing a college can be very tiring. This is especially so when you have to go through a compulsory tour. This is one of the most helpful things to do with a VR headset.


Youvisit.com is loaded with thousands of pictures and videos of international universities and colleges, and you can practically walk into the environment and look around without actually being there.

Youvisit also deals with real estate listings, where clients wear headsets and go through homes that are far away.

4. Transgender with VR

The Machine to Be Another is working on a project that would promote the feeling of empathy. The Swap Gender is one of the app’s components that lets a man see a woman’s body when he looks at himself and vice versa.

Both sexes are to mirror each other’s actions. If the man rubs and looks at any part of his body while the woman does the same, he sees her body parts instead of his.

5. Artwork in 3D

Creating art with the Tilt Brush is definitely one of the things to do with a VR headset. The 3D effect of the strokes is mind-blowing.


You can go around your work and have some of the paintings suspended in mid-air. The kind of images you can make are limitless. They range from abstract to representational and realistic. Even if you can’t paint, you’ll still be able to use the brush like a spray can.

6. Dining at a Choice Place


Being able to eat wherever you choose is amazing. This is not limited to restaurants alone, but even open space, in the air, or surrounded by animals. Sony is presently working on this VR experience.

7. Real Life Rollercoaster


Most people who go to fairs and parks go for Rollercoaster rides because of the adrenaline rush. Six Flags over Texas, in collaboration with Samsung, incorporated the use of a VR headset while riding the rollercoaster in real life. Instead of seeing the real world, users see themselves somewhere else fighting to prevent a space invasion.

8. Better Blueprints for Architects

Deciding your house design is another thing to do with a VR headset. Arch Virtual creates VR apps for architectural companies. This app doesn’t have a pre-built house for you to look at but open spaces.


With computer models as the digital blueprints, Arch Virtual creates a three-dimensional animation of the interior. Once in the Oculus Rift D2K, you can examine every part of the building.

9. Bedtime Story with VR

The world got busier, and this affected the time parents spend with their children. They hardly have time to read bedtime stories to their little ones. If you are guilty of this, Samsung has provided a solution to this with their bedtime story app.


Parents uses a Gear VR while the child wears a Google Cardboard headset. Apart from the feeling of reading together and the illusion of their presence, it has the benefit of the child living in the present.

10. Be Part of a Performance


Wearing a VR headset engulfs you in a different world. Just imagine yourself surrounded by motion that would have been in front of you in the cinemas. In other words, VR puts you at the show.

Now that You Know What to Do with a VR Headset

The idea of teleporting must now seem possible. You can stay at home and ride down a mountain, visit a college, check out a house, or eat dinner in an expensive restaurant all by using a VR headset.

You get to keep fit while having fun with friends. You even get to be good parents while making ends meet. All of these and more are things you can do with a VR headset.

Nicholas Godwin
Nicholas Godwin

Nicholas Godwin is a technology researcher who helps businesses tell profitable brand stories that their audiences love. He's worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies, global tech corporations and top consulting firms, from Bloomberg Beta, Accenture, PwC, and Deloitte to HP, Shell, and AT&T. You may follow his work on Twitter or simply say hello. His website is Tech Write Researcher.

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