4 Things That Suck About Windows 10

Windows 8 is considered a great disaster for users and Microsoft alike – yes, even more than Windows Vista. Unlike any other previous Windows version, Microsoft took the user feedback and actually used that feedback to develop the new Windows 10 operating system. As a result, there are many great visual, performance and under-the-hood improvements. I personally like Windows 10, and up until now, I’ve never faced an issue with it. But just like any other operating system, Windows 10 isn’t perfect; it has its own downsides and cavities that bother users from time to time.

Here are a few things that suck in Windows 10, and hopefully Microsoft will take care of them in future updates or builds.

Unlike in the previous versions of Windows, there is very little control over the general Windows updates. If you think there is an unwanted Windows update that you don’t want to install, good luck blocking that update. Sure, I’ve shown you ways to manage Windows 10 updates and hide them using PowerShell, but those are not the most straightforward ways. Moreover, in the previous versions of Windows all the updates are downloaded individually. But starting from Windows 10, Microsoft is delivering Cumulative Updates which simply means that it contains all the previous updates and/or patches.


I know that Microsoft did what it did because these automatic updates ensure that all the Windows 10 users will be on the same platform and can receive the latest builds without any hiccups or dependency errors. Considering that, I see no way Microsoft is enabling its users to control the updates.

To make matters worse, Microsoft is no longer providing update or patch notes regarding the Cumulative updates. However, you may still receive patch notes regarding the Security updates or patches, but you may have to search for it in the Microsoft knowledgebase using the KB Article ID.

If having very little control over the general updates is one thing, automatic driver updates is a whole other thing. The good thing about this new feature is that the driver updates are actually supplied by the vendors themselves, and it reduces the burden of manually searching, downloading and installing the drivers. The thing that sucks about the automatic driver updates in Windows 10 is that even if you’ve manually installed a compatible driver, Windows may still download and install the driver it thinks is a good fit for your system. It’s all good and dandy, but sometimes things go horribly wrong, and the recent Nvidia incident is a good example.

To deal with this, Microsoft released a troubleshooter tool that helps you temporarily hide the unwanted updates. But that doesn’t explain why Microsoft chose to automatically update Windows drivers, disregarding the compatibility issues and other bugs.


If you dig deep, there are options that you can configure in Hardware Settings and Group Policy Editor to block Windows from downloading automatic driver updates, but there is no guarantee that Windows will follow these rules.

The point is Microsoft should really allow users to choose what drivers to install, how to install and when to install.

Modern apps for Windows have improved a lot over time but not nearly as much as other app stores. If you open the Windows Store on your machine, you will find right away that there are only a handful of apps that can work properly while providing required functionality. In fact, Microsoft doesn’t even have an app for its own services like Skype. In case you are wondering, the Skype app thing you see in your Windows 10 start menu is not an actual Skype app; instead it just recommends that you download the desktop version.


That being said, Microsoft is taking steps and is even allowing the developers to port their code from Android and iOS. Let’s see how it goes for users, developers and Microsoft.

There is so much controversy surrounding the “Privacy” in Windows 10, and frankly most of it is just blown out of proportion. There are several great features in Windows 10, and most of them collect some sort of data to improve the end user experience, Cortana is a great example. If you want to make Cortana your personal digital assistant, then you have to let her collect the data. If you want location-based services, then you need to share your location data. If you want to save and sync all your settings and other app data, then you have to share your Microsoft account details.

Simply put, if you want a personalized experience, then you need to share your data with Microsoft, and this isn’t anything new. In fact, most major online services like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc., will collect heaps of data to give you good services. The good thing about Windows 10 is that you can disable most of the Privacy options if you are not using those relevant features. If you think they are scattered in the settings panel, then there are several free apps that assist you in configuring the Privacy options.


That being said, my issue is not with how Microsoft is collecting the data but how it is actually communicating with its users with it. Despite the bashing articles and criticism, there is no clear explanation about the Privacy options either in the knowledgebase or in the actual Settings panel. Microsoft should update all those Privacy options to be better accessible and should better explain what the options actually mean and how it will affect the user experience if you choose to disable a certain privacy option.

These are some of the things that suck about Windows 10, and I really hope that the Microsoft will address these issues in the future. I doubt it, though. There are several other minor issues like not being able to pin apps to the Start Menu, white title bars, the user interface lacking consistency, etc. But Microsoft is quickly addressing these minor issues, and we may see them rectified in the future builds.

Do share your thoughts and experiences about the things that suck in Windows 10.


  1. ‘The good thing about Windows 10 is that you can disable most of the Privacy options if you are not using those relevant features.’

    All data MS collect for a better user experience are technical data, not personal. Sharing personal data is an opt in, not opt out.

  2. I find the biggest problem with Windows 10 is the Edge Browser. Sure, it purports to be faster than IE, you can do things that few other browsers allow you to, but surely the aim of a browser is to display web pages properly in the first instance. There are several web sites I’ve visited that just don’t work with Edge.

    I’ve got one site with an ecommerce plug-in that just doesn’t display anything; it works in every other browser available, including ‘bad’ old IE.

    I had another web site that that contained a bold statement in the CSS and a strong tag in the HTML, every other browser interpreted it as bold text, but not Edge. It interpreted it as double bold text so it looked really weird compared to the other text on the page that omitted the strong tag. Sure, the strong tag wasn’t needed but browsers need to interpret such situations consistently; even ‘bad’ old IE didn’t interpret it as double-bold.

    Right at this moment in time, Edge is not fit for purpose and should not have been launched in this state; especially as the default browser. Users will be missing information from web sites and not realise it.

    • Why do you feel like yo have to use it,when as always,there’s so many great browsers out there??

      • Based on the post, I’m guessing s/he does some kind of web development.

        I do web development also. The issue isn’t that I’m using Edge. The issue is when thousands or hundreds of thousands of users (and potential paying customers) can’t access my website to use my services or buy my products because they’re using Edge.

        So as a single user, I don’t care about Edge in the slightest. If I am a business, I HAVE to care about Edge.

        • Didn’t really read past the first sentence. Got it now. Most people never go past whatever browser comes with windows so it’s relevant to folks with websites.

        • As a web developer, this is beginning to smack of IE6 all over again. I was one of the first to stop developing for this browser and after a while most of the web did the same and MS listened. The exact same needs to be done here.

          Develop to the WC3 standards like every other browser and if it doesn’t work in Edge, so be it. I won’t be doing anything ‘special’ to work around a broken browser again and neither should anyone else. Let MS fix the issues rather than than us developers trying to find work around for their broken code/browser.

  3. I can live with most of these issues but the driver issue is something I simply wont stand for. Microsoft’s history of knowing what driver is the best driver is dismal at best. In fact it is so bad that even when a driver reports it is not working, as a last resort you use the built in search feature to try and find one and in every case Windows reports back and says the best driver is already installed. How can the best driver already be installed but it failed? I rely on the manufacturer always for drivers and will NEVER install or use any driver from Microsoft. Every single time I have opted to install a driver from Windows update it failed. In some cases I was a fool and saw where upate was telling me it found a better driver, so I let it install it and well… you guessed it, it failed!

    One of the biggest issues I have with Microsoft is its bully approach to everything and their ideology that they know better than I attitude. The fact is they don’t know better, they don’t hire all the right people and their departments never talk to one another and that is why so many things they create do not work well together (if at all).

    I only use Microsoft software for secondary things, I will never rely on this company for tools I use that are mission critical. In those cases I will always use Linux and I see a future (not to far away now) where Linux will be the go to OS and then we can finally say goodbye to this giant turd called Microsoft and let it die the death it has deserved for many, many years!

    • I could not agree more. I left Microscurge years ago, albeit I just purchased a new laptop with 8.1. I can deal with the issues of downloads (updates) once I figure this animal out. Unfortunately, the average Joe and or Jane is stuck with a monster that has a mind to steer the average user to a trough. I am a business professional and these practices are not tolerated in the majority of the business world. Microsoft needs to tune it down and appeal to the masses with harmless software.
      It is obvious that they are trying to dominate the information highway and competing with Google, Amazon and the other gatherers of information.
      What the common user should realize is that these firms are selling this information to the highest bidder with no concern for it’s use down the line.
      Wake up world.

      • You are missing the fact that Microsoft does not and has not created these drivers. They are just passing them along from the vendor who created the driver and your device.
        They are not making the decision to update the driver, the vendor/creator of your device is making that decsion.
        If the driver that you receive doesn’t work, you have options: You can still revert back to your previous driver, or can contact the creator of the device and seek resolution to the problem. The manufacture made changes to the driver for a reason, to make it better. If it doesn’t work, it is their fault or your own fault.
        How can drivers for other manufacturers devices be Microsoft’s problem?
        For years people have used this excuse to bash windows, when the driver issue is really the manufacturers problem. Do you think Microsoft creates drivers for other companies’ devices?

        • The issue is not about who supplies the drivers. The issue is about Microsoft enabling automatic driver updates by default and not giving the average user an easy choice or a simple way to avoid it. This is ridiculous. After 20 years of doing PC repairs, I can assure you that dodgy automatic driver updates are a nightmare for most average customers.

        • This comment makes the most sense of anything I have read so far.. The vendors will make their product stand out, and not allow a better item to replace theirs.

          I absolutely Hate and windows 7+8 for me it is worse than Vista ever was. I was going to go back to an old OS. I fund windows 10, downloaded the free upgrade. I am a happier camper. But not completely happy. But Happier….. am hoping that Microsoft and others will learn to play together. I hope any way. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed in hope of a better OS.

        • Microsoft is the ONLY one who puts the driver in windows update and Microsoft is the one who decides this is the driver for you.

          You have no idea what you are talking about and the fact that you let windows update drivers proves my point. You really do have no idea what you are talking about..

    • Ditto! Since Win10, I have had to uninstall and reinstall my audio drivers, over and over again (SoundBlaster, Creative Labs). One day I will have great sound, the next day, nothing but a horrible buzzing noise. And if it isn’t Win10 causing this problem, then how come I never had any trouble like this with Win-7? It keeps trying to makes its “Groove Music” the default player. I have been using MPC-HC for years. I will never use anything else. I sent them a feedback and told them to leave my music alone!

      • Just use Linux. Ubuntu (or Kubuntu, a variant) will not hose your sound settings. Pulse Audio on Linux is in many ways superior and more robust than the stupid apps that come with or have to be installed on Winblows.

        Oh, and don’t let people scare you by telling you that Linux is only for techies…I have installed Linux on computers for the elderly and people with diminished mental capacity due to illness. In both cases, they either liked it or I only heard from them if they had a problem with a specific task, like printing coupons from Windows-only coupon sites – in that case, they just had to find a different site.

        The OS as a whole is faster, smaller and nearly immune from all of the crapware that is so rife on the Winblows platform. If you’re used to Win 7, Kubuntu Linux will be a lot like Win 7 in my opinion: http://www.kubuntu.org. If that’s not to your liking, try the regular Ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com. It’s also free, though they ask for donations. It’s up to you if you actually give to them, but probably a good idea if you use it to support it.

        The ONLY thing I use Winblows 7 for is playing games. But as Steam gets better and more games become available for Linux, the less I need Winblows. My sincere hope is that at some point I won’t need Winblows anymore and I’ll be able to delete all copies that I have on all machines and replace with Linux.

        • Linux..Ubuntu…been there done that. When in doubt do a “sudo”. If it doesn’t work do a system upgrade. If that doesn’t work do another “sudo”.

          Ubuntu may be smart but it is just not how people most people think.

          Way too much time spent trying to find something, load it interface it/or not.
          There are some very sane reasons Ubuntu et al Linux are in the shadows.

          I get the sense is like the politician, “I am a many of very many principles, which ones would you want me to have today”. Then on other occasions something very specific is needed. No joy with it so Good Luck.

    • Kevin M
      Spot on with the MS “bully” comment.
      I fecking hate the way I am being told what I want to do.
      I know what I want so don’t give me half useful options or, more to the point, wildly inappropriate ones.

  4. The vaunted CORTANA app IS USELESS as a desktop app, as long as it thinks I’m 400 miles from where I actually am. Since my desktop does not have GPS or WiFi location services, it uses my ISP’s entry point. For me, it means a computer in Northeast Ohio is calculated to be in Evansville, Indiana by Cortana’s thinking. THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED. Many others report similar issues in Microsoft forums. So, Cortana stays off.

  5. I skirted the pinning issue with the start menu by loading an aftermarket start button option called Start8 or something similar from IOBit.com. I tested the applet on an older laptop with Windows 8 beta. It worked well then, and it works well with Windows 10 also.

  6. 5. Jumping thru hoops to get things to work without having a “Microsoft Account” (yeah, likely tied to the pile ‘o privacy concerns). Was troublesome enough in 8 & 8.1 — moreso in 10.
    6. Had anyone noticed mapped personal network shares disappearing? Not the data or drive, but the mapping. Also, it’s was difficult enough to convince previous versions of windows that we want our files Here, not THERE where you think all the “My _______” should be. This doesn’t happen on public shares (photos, music, e-books, downloads, etc.)

    ALL our stuff resides on a 4TB NAS, and has since the days we were both running XP And Vista.

    Don’t even mention “the cloud” we do not go there.

  7. I am having all sorts of problems with Windows 10 and driver issues. Have done the upgrade 19 times now and I’m still yet to find out what the hype is all about. My problem is that when I upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10, I do not have any internet connection even though the Device Manager shows that the network cards and USB adapters are working fine. The network troubleshooter just keeps showing that there is a problem with the driver and it does not matter if it is a Microsoft driver or a manufacturer driver. I have tried them all. Win 7 and Win 10 and even Win 8 but nothing works and every time I go back to Win 7, the Win 7 installation is messed up and I eventually have to re-install Win 7. Not very good Microsoft as I think that these types of issues should all have been fixed before Win 10 was released to the general public.

    • Don’t do an upgrade install after the initial one, do a Clean install and you’ll be much happier. Upgrades are almost always messy & buggy, mine was troublesome to start and by 3 weeks was completely unworkable. D’loaded the W10 ISO and clean installed ans now everything works well.
      You should definitely go Clean install now and avoid upgrade issues like that.

      • Kinda stupid that you first have to do the upgrade and THEN blow it all away and do a clean install. You’d think that M$ would have made it much easier for their users to just do a clean install.

        • Couldn’t agree more Keith but that’s how MS gets your valid key from the previous OS and ties it to installed h’ware for W10. I’ve done probably hundreds and hundreds of upgrade installs since W98, beta testing for MS and tech sites and I think I can honestly say that 95% of them were buggy. Being that they were beta, this could be expected to a degree, but we tested upgrade install on RTM’s since W2K for tech tests and they were no better than beta builds. MS knows this well so I also can’t understand why they haven’t been able to do this in better manner, maybe it’s because the vast majority are OEM machines with no way to clean install apps from recovery partitions probably.

  8. I was not happy with Windows 10, when I upgraded and this was before I found out, about all of the Privacy issues!!! First of all, when I upgraded, I lost ALL of my Casual Games, which made me madder than all get out. I don’t like Cortana. I don’t even use the voice program, on my Android Smartphone, why woud I use it, on my personal PC???

    I didn’t like, not knowing where everything was, in other words, I had to search, for my email program, my personal folders and so on. Yes, I know that those things happen, when upgrading, but, I just wasn’t ready to have another learning curve.

    Another thing that bothers me greatly … When getting the new upgrades or security issues with Win 10 … Microsoft is using a bittorrent download system!!! I don’t like that, at all. I don’t want my computer to be sharing with other computers, just to get an update or security download, from MS!!! What is the matter, is MS to cheap, to keep up their own servers??? That is Peer-to-Peer downloading and just where does THAT protect my computer???

    I have Win 7 Pro and it will be supported until 2020, so, I don’t think I will be upgrading to Win 10, anytime soon.

  9. The MTE articles are great as are most of the comments. I will be sticking with Win7 as long as possible and if Quicken ever comes out with a linux version, goodbye Windows

    • Use Moneydance instead of Quicken. I did and I’m glad I did. It’s not perfect, but it runs natively on Mac and Linux as well as Winblows and it has a companion app that allows you to see your balances and add new transactions on it and it gets sync’ed through dropbox (your financial file is first encrypted and then sent to your dropbox account).

      Really nice program and good people! http://moneydance.com/

  10. Privacy issues are NOT overblown. Data-mining, data-warehousing, sharing collected data with “trusted” 3rd-parties, key-logging, surveillance, deliberate ToS language, support for CISA.

    We’re talking civil rights violations, 5th amendment issues, privacy rights, psychological profiles built and sold, illegal search and seizure circumvented.

    If you want to sell ads: TRACK THE CONTENT, NOT THE USER.

    Just because we have been slowly conditioned to allow surveillance, stalking, profiles built through spyware has never made it right. It has reached a tipping point now so don’t dismiss these violations as overblown. If the only thing that excited you in life are selfies and shiny icons, stop writing about modern tech.

      • I understand that the most important issue in Tech Today – usurping our laws (United States) in the name of the almighty dollar through some of what I mentioned above – might be well over your head.

        To recap… we currently have a set of laws tied into civil rights, privacy rights, 5th amendment, self-incrimination, stalking, surveillance, harassment and so on. ALL of these are being violated openly and arrogantly on both the Internet and now… in our own homes (Windows 10).

        It’s a serious problem. The tech we’ve used for years as been finally weaponized against us. If I leave the front door to my home open – it doesn’t give anyone the (lawful) right to go through all my stuff, take photos, rummage through drawers, take what doesn’t belong and share all this with unnamed sources. It doesn’t give that same individual(s) the right to follow me, keep a diary of all my activities, share this data with anyone – who in turn are engaged in the same behavior. These are defining qualities of oppression.

        Like I said… this is over your head. It isn’t over the head of any of the writers at MakeTechEasier. There is a social, political and legal aspect to Technology today that can NOT be dismissed. It MakesTechHarder when it’s brushed aside for cavalierly. So keep the tinfoil and the ignorance. I’d rather have a dose of reality.

        • Oh, the thing you are talking about is also over the head of 110+ million and growing active Windows 10 users. Thanks for your opinion.

          • Respectfully… the logic you are using here is faulty. Let’s not equate popular with good. With this reasoning, there would be no product recalls. I can state that Goodyear/Firestone tires are popular (selling 100s of millions a year) but in 2000 they caused the death of 200 and injured nearly 1,000. Do you think people were aware of this?

            I can put together a very large list of popular items over the last 50 years that led to major recalls, class-action suits, fatalities and billions of lost revenue. In very few of these cases were people aware. Responsible sites that cover a niche make it their business to inform their audience. This is all I’m saying. I have pointed out some of the very serious legal, social issues associated with the surveillance, data-warehousing, data-sharing Microsoft (and others) are engaging in.

            This is the most important issue in Tech today. How our own computers are being (illegally) weaponized against us to serve ads, to circumvent the law. Windows 10 should be banned – pulled off the shelves. If we look at this issue with eyes wide open, it would be. Tracking and surveillance ads would also be deemed illegal. Nobody needs to break the laws of this land in order to serve ads – nobody.

          • I’m not equating popularity with the good. All I’m saying is that if you want more personalized experience then you need to share the data in some sort of way. In fact, more and more users are wanting personalized computing experience, be it on their Smartphones or on a computer. That’s the reason why features like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are becoming more relevant.

            If you think this is illegal then all power to you. By your logic, we should pull the plug of every usable service like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc.

            Then again, I stand by my word, privacy issues in Windows 10 are overblown. I mean, when did the SmartScreen filter become a way to grab users browsing history? When did WiFi Sense become a way to steal network passwords? When did Speech, Inking and Typing feature of Cortana become keylogger?

            Isn’t that ridiculous and overblown? Most of all, everyone magically chooses to ignore the fact that almost all the privacy settings can be disabled or configured by just opening the Settings panel and then selecting the big Privacy button/option. Of course, you cannot completely disable the Telemetry feature in Windows 10 because this feature is actually used to deliver Windows updates.

          • @John: I was under the impression that the tires were actually not at fault at all.

            It was the poorly designed suspension of the vehicles involved. In a vehicle with proper suspension a tire failure does not lead to a wreck. I am a mechanic with over 50 years experience, and a lot of long distance driving. I have had blowouts under a variety of conditions, and never had much trouble keeping the vehicle under control. ANY tire from any company can experience a blowout for a variety of reasons, usually a “road hazard”, that is not a fault of the tire.

            All of the descriptions of the wrecks that I saw seemed to me to clearly indicate suspension problems, designed in.

            I have always wondered why Firestone took the hit. It was a bum rap. I figured it might have been a deal with Ford, a much bigger company, who engineered the conclusion somehow.

            If so, this is a bad analogy to use.

            As far as W10 is concerned, I have been saying to any who would listen from the very beginning: “Don’t download 10 until the last days of the ‘free’ offer, if then. Keep 7 as long as you can. 10 will be a mess for a long time.” I seem to have gotten that prediction correct. I learned my lesson before Vista hit the fan, stuck with XP until 7 appeared. 7 is so similar to XP that it amazes me – and made me very happy.

            Unless Microslush quits the arrogant nonsense, by the time 7 is actually obsolete, I will be looking for the best version of Linux. I am about totally fed up with the byzantine architecture of MS OS’s and 10 is just too much.

          • I agree with you 100%. I am still trying to figure out how to find little things like looking for all the programs that I have in the computer, when with Windows 7 I only had to click on “Programs”.

        • @John. Yours is the best analogy I have ever read about Microsoft’s NO privacy policy in Windows 10! “If I leave the front door to my home open – it doesn’t give anyone the (lawful) right to go through all my stuff, take photos, rummage through drawers, take what doesn’t belong and share all this with unnamed sources. It doesn’t give that same individual(s) the right to follow me, keep a diary of all my activities, share this data with anyone – who in turn are engaged in the same behavior. These are defining qualities of oppression.” Well said that man!

          • Just to add, Microsoft’s ways to build in back-doors (since WinXP), and providing its users’ data to gvmnt agencies at request is akin to having a door in your house that you don’t even know about. It might be closed, and it is concealed as a wall, yet it is there and the builder has the only key. And the builder will decide who will get a copy to this key, providing them access to your house, without you having the slightest idea. They don’t steal anything of course, but they will film you in your most intimate moments. It’s only a part of the problem that the next travelling salesman will know your shoe-size, when knocking at your door. It is worse than you are being kept under surveillance by your mayor (to stay with the house analogy), who might use this data to whatever (s)he fancies.

            But the real problem is apathy. People will give up any freedom for convenience. Being a good consumer is the ultimate goal now, and having a conveniently comfortable life (and the next “great”, albeit useless, and needless product to *buy* is being delivered at your doorstep) is slowly ruling out common sense.

      • Freddie I know you think your flippant remark is cool, but in his defense he is right. Ask yourself why you can’t take the battery out of your phone without performing major surgery. You need educate yourself a bit about the world outside the basement. The reason all of these have been built in china is simply because they don’t have to comply with the constitution. Data cloud and collections were funded by NSA/CIA/DIS long before they hit the commercial markets. There are people in charge that are power and control hungry and they use the others via their greed. It’s our fault..we gave them the keys to throne.

        I, unwittingly, helped. I will regret this for the rest of my life.

    • Spot on. It has become fashionable to propagate the myth that people are stupid when they complain about privacy violations. Just because so many webmasters think they have a right to do so, does not make it acceptable. It is akin to stalking you at the supermarket, peering over your shoulder and making notes about everything you look at, touch, or put in your trolley. Would you like that? If not, then why should people tolerate online stalkers?

        • I have seen mention of it on media sites, but I’m not into such heavy, political issues. I simply find it disturbing that people are now being “profiled” for commercial gain, with cookies now hiding away or recreating themselves. This is creating an atmosphere of distrust, which is bad for doing online business in general.

  11. The correct Chipset is the resolution to most of the problems, like always. There are ways to revert to the previous updates via the control panel. Not waiting for your pc software developer is another issue and installing the generic upgrade. Most of this is MS 101 video driver not working boot up in safe mode uninstall and go to your video card website get the appropriate drivers . Having problems with the nic download the correct driver from your phone install it from there, just use your phone as an HD, nothing for the most part has changed, just the mentality that 10 is the end all and be all, Not! same O same O from MS. You may have already tried these options, therefore MS can be very helpful, I have used them several times, especially if a service is running that needs to be shut down or the config needs to be tended to. The other option is the manufacture help, this is, for me is the last ditch effort, because they are there to sell their services and mislead you into thinking you need them for a price.
    BTW blogs are a very good source, finding the right one is another story, mostly use a MS blog.

  12. Microsoft is so used to people griping about their products and the things they do, they would go out of business if they did it right the first time an no one had a gripe. So to solve the problem, they resolved to make it buggy so we would gripe and stroke their egos. If you leave them alone and just gripe until your heart’s content, they will fix the bugs quietly and fast.

  13. 1. I have no problems with Windows 8.1 update 1, I can use it in a similar way to Windows 7 (desktop resident icons/folders) OR I can use the metro screen (suitable configured to my needs) OR a combination of both.

    2. My biggest gripe with Windows 10 is the disabling of the F8 key in order to access Safe Mode and other modes, I know that there is a “fix” for this using “bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy” but it doesn’t seem to work on my grandson’s PC, the edit is accepted but the F8 key still does not work on boot.

    3. The various “fixes” for perceived problems are all fine and well for those of us who are moderately tech savvy but the vast majority of PC/laptop/netbook/tablet users are NOT and it is those people that Micro$oft are disrespecting with their dictatorial attitude.

    Just my opinion of course!

    • Windows 10 WILL NOT, accept some windows 7,8 or8.1 programs. Some games belonging to Microsoft thru the Ensemble Studios acquisition will not work on windows 10. Another nightmare of 10 is it only gives you 30 days to go back to your previous 8.1 free upgrade. Got 3 computers and got 2 back the other one I had to completely restore it with my Windows pro 8 disk.

      • That’s something that sucks about Win 10- Microsoft still does not have a site to check all your software loaded on your computer at once- I have probably 30 software on my Japanese version of Win 7 Premium- some which only have Japanese names and Microsoft expects you do it one at time- they should made this open source so someone competent can put freeware out to do it.

  14. I am not a ‘computer sophisticate.’ My only complaint about Win10 is that my DVD, which was working fine with Win7 is not visible in File explorer and does not work any more. I thought one of those automatic driver updates would fix the problem. It should not have disappeared with the new OS.

    That’s bad.


    • @RayKillorn. I’m afraid it’s just a fact of life that hardware doesn’t always work when you upgrade your operating system. Try opening Device Manager and right-clicking on your DVD drive and select properties. Then click on the drivers tab and see if you can update the driver….. Failing that, you could visit he manufacturer’s website and see if they have any Windows 10 drivers yet. They probably won’t because all too many hardware and software manufacturers are notoriously slow to release OS updates :-( Of course, you will need to find out the details of the DVD drive first! I recommend Belarc Advisor for that as I find it easier to read than Windows System Information. You can also print the results for future reference ;-)

      Failing all of those, I can’t remember if Windows 10 includes ‘run in compatibility mode’ or if you can even run hardware in compatibility mode? Perhaps someone else can help you with that?

  15. The main problem I am having with Windows 10 is a File Explorer crash. I am searching for a fix now.

    • I used to think that as well. I have been using windows 8.1 for the last 8 months and I don’t think I could go back to 7 again. I added Stardock start8 menu, tweaked the hell out of this OS and I find it much more stable and a lot faster. No, I don’t use Windows Apps either :)

  16. Windows 10 does not recognize my Akai MPK25 Midi controller, therefore cannot be used on my music production PC.
    A check of the Microsoft indicates that the MPK25 compatibility is ‘under test’.
    I’m not holding my breath for that testing to complete (if it is even occurring).

  17. After installing the windows 10 upgrade I could no longer communicate through my Apple router to the internet. It just kept dropping off line, literally on and off.
    I could not use my on-line banking tool that allows me to scan checks and deposit them. It said that windows 10 does not support any add ons leaving me no options. It was at that point I uninstalled windows 10.

  18. For Skype I remember Microsoft sent all users an email saying that the modern skype app is no longer being maintained or so. They’ve asked everyone to download the desktop version.

  19. One of the nightmares of win 10 is that it promises that if you don’t like windows 10 you can go back to what you had before upgrading to it, DO NOT BELIEVE THAT, unless you create an image backup of what you have now before doing the free upgrade you will NOT get your computer back the way it was.
    Here are the things I experienced trying to go back to my windows 7 pro after I hated windows 10 free upgrade.
    1. Once you are back, windows update will NOT update anymore without pestering you to d/l and install windows 10.
    2. If you think you can go back to a restore point you once had with your previous version of windows, think again, once the upgrade is done, and you want to go back, all restore points are now corrupt and will not work, so be sure you do a “image backup” onto an external usb drive. Doing it on your current drive wont let you go back as your current hard drive will be over written with windows 10.
    Also “Media Center” is no longer available in windows 10, and also “Microsoft Games” are all gone…..they want you to purchase them now. (i’m talking about solitare, free cell, checkers, and those games).
    My experience with windows 10 was not pleasant, if yours was, then that’s great. I am just letting you know what I experienced with it.

    • Thanks for the information. I have three computers; two desktop one laptop. I had a major virus an took it to Best Buy to fix by Geek Squad. It was repaired. I got lucky. They also said Windows 10 could be installed for free. I said ok. It works ok, but looking ahead I will not change Windows 7 on the Laptop or Vista on the old desktop to Win 10 anytime soon. Maybe Windows 7 Pro. Thanks

  20. Well, I sure disagree about needing more Modern apps. What we need is cell phone refugee Modern Apps to become as extinct as the dinosaurs. They need to be gone, never to be heard, seen or thought of again through and beyond the end of time. Turning a sophisticated, capable, multitasking, Aero capable and refined computer into a lousy cell phone is the last thing that I will ever buy. Computers handle 3D with a smile. Transparency, multiple windows that you can cut and paste from, mice instead of fingers–these things separate the men from the boys. Or the computers from the toys.

    Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are toy operating systems, featuring square rectangular windows, bright (garish) primary color windows, lack of all subtlety, style and taste. They will never grace my desktop.

    Have you ever seen Windows 7? That’s a polished operating system that belongs on computers.

  21. If only privacy issues and automatic driver updates WERE the only two things I hated about Windows 10! I installed it because ALL the tech sites I follow had been singing its praises and hyping it up for months and like an idiot, I believed them! But I was horrified as soon as I started TRYING to use it because the ridiculous start menu didn’t even list all my programs? So I had to keep typing in searches to find them?!!! To get round that problem, I installed Start 8 (or similar). But there were STILL other issues, for which I could not find workarounds, like the fact that recent items (or quick access?) only showed folders if you’d recently opened a file in them – but did NOT show recent folders to which you had just saved one or more files! DOH! How helpful is that?

    Anyway, I tried to persevere for about a month but eventually threw ij the towel and from a system image that I had created, I reverted back to Windows 8.1, which I had learned to tame quite quickly :-) But the Windows 10 problems did not stop even there – because now Microsoft persists in downloading two updates (KB2976978 and KB3035583) which are precursors to the Windows 10 upgrade – even though I have hidden them both twice!!!! Consequently, I have to keep searching my installed updates to delete them. BUT when I recently discovered that I could NOT delete KB2976978 no matter what I did, I called Microsoft a number of names that I could not possibly repeat in public!

  22. Okay I’m gona keep this simple. They screwed up my overclocking and I’m pissed, tried to revert back and apparently it can’t because it’s missing files. Won’t let me do a fresh install so I’d have to completely wipe it and re. So gg.

  23. Microsoft has committed two frauds in the release of Windows 10.

    They say the upgrade is free. However, they don’t tell you that you will be getting a invoice each year to continue using it. In contrast, the upgrades to previous versions gave you unlimited use into the future.

    Windows 7 tries to sneak the upgrade to Windows 10 in as if it were a routine update. You are so used to OKing all the updates, you mindlessly OK the upgrade to Windows 10.

  24. I have windows 10 on one notebook. It was a no brainer as it had windows 8 on it before. I have a lap top and PC on windows 7. I am very happy with windows 7, I will not be upgrading any time soon. Simple rule. ” Dont touch what aint broke”
    Not overly impressed with windows 10. Edge is not that good. Too many things wont run on it.

  25. The real problem is that Microsoft thinks that all users are idiots and that MS has to think for them and control their PCs. As if there would be even one person anywhere in the world who could imagine the uncountable number applications and configurations which are out there.

    of course they make updates no choice BECAUSE at a certain time THEY WANT TO TAKE MONEY FOR IT !!!!

  27. I have had two other issues with Windows 10. Since downloading the program when ever I try to browse through a list of files in a folder as I get down toward the bottom of the list it snaps back up to the top. I page down again and about every 2-3 seconds it snaps back up to the top. VERY ANNOYING! The second issue is when I shut my computer down, it totally shuts down … for about 30-40 minutes, then the computer re-starts itself. I shut if off at night… it’s back up in the morning. I shut down to go to work… it’s back up when I get home. Grrrrrrr! Wish I had not downloaded 10.

  28. I’d like to know why You Tube and other videos do not show up when I use Edge or IE but will in Google Chrome, and it does not let me type with any speed.

  29. No Media Centre in 10, that’s a big problem for me, TV PVR is the main use for my PC . Don’t get that at all.

  30. Here’s a way you can control WHEN updates are installed: Set the default outbound firewall policy to blocked. This requires that individual rules be created for each program that you want to have internet access, like your browser(s) and, perhaps, an email client.

    Windows Firewall, out of the box, is configured to BLOCK inbound unsolicited traffic, but to allow ALL outbound traffic. There is NO restriction on which programs may make outbound connections! Only half of the firewall is active.

    In addition, individual rules for the Windows Update Service (wuauserv) and the Windows Time Service (W32Time) need to be created so that Windows Defender can automatically download its updates. The time service is needed only if you sync your computer’s clock with NIST or some other internet time server.

    In order for Windows Defender to work, you must also create an outbound rule for ‘Windows Defender User Interface’ (C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe).

    The Windows Update Service (wuauserv) was all that was needed for ALL windows updates prior to windows 8.1. Starting with Windows 8.1, the wuauserv service, alone, is not enough. What’s worse, to run windows update in Windows 8.1 and 10, you must create a ‘totally open’ rule for ‘\Windows\System32\svchost.exe! By open, I mean that the firewall ‘Service’ field must be left blank! In other words, some dll file (not a service) is using svchost.exe, starting with 8.1.

    As svchost.exe is a host executable for windows services, it is clear that a alarming lack of discipline was introduced into windows, starting with Windows 8.1.

    In my opinion, this is a form of ‘cheating’ by Microsoft. Shouldn’t they limit the use of svchost.exe to windows services? They certainly observed this limitation in Windows 8.0 and Windows 7.

    Why not use Microsoft’s own design slothfulness to control WHEN updates are installed?

    In addition to preventing ‘automatic’ general windows updates, you will be preventing ALL programs from connecting to the internet, except those programs you use, like your browser, to name just one obvious example.

    You may type ‘wf.msc’ in the Run popup (WinKey + R) to launch the windows firewall editor. There is a learning curve, but, if you’re concerned about windows security, it is, in my opinion, well worth it.

    I apologize to those who find this too technical, but I believe that it is not entirely off-topic and it may even be appreciated by a few readers.

  31. I somewhat like Windows 10, but I have been having recurring problems with the START menu (you know … the little white box in the lower left corner?). For some reason, it fails to load correctly, which causes the “notifications” box to fail to work (among other problems). When I click on the block to access programs or to shut down, a message is displayed that the function isn’t working and the system will have to be logged off and back on again — with no option to continue as before.

  32. I will stick with Windows 7. I have not had any problems with it. It works very well for what I need. Not going to get

  33. I have yet to find ONE thing I actually like about Win 10. I hate Edge. I have to use a desktop PC for work and Win 10 is designed for tablet users. I’m sure it’s great for finger swipers but not everyone uses tablets 24/7. I would still absolutely LOVE to have an updated version of XP. When you deleted something in XP…it was gone. Win 7 and beyond and that file has 20 other locations. It’s as bad as trying to delete AOL from your system. If MS really wanted to listen to their customers…they would fix the minor security issues with XP and re-introduce it as a Classic version. I would be more than willing to pay for a new XP. One day MAYBE tech companies will learn that tech doesn’t have to be 500GB and so complex that it takes an IT cert to use. Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes simple is just right.

  34. …Give me back Windows XP Professional with the due updates… It was the most user friendly version of Microsoft Windows… (…Everything that followed was more embellishment than substance…)…

  35. I upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10.

    I initially hated Windows 8 – dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life. I was coming from Windows Vista which worked fine for me. I found Windows 8.1 a little better, and that with Classic shell installed worked fine for me. So along comes the annoying hard to get rid of nag notices for Windows 10, which is advertised as the final Windows and as a service. Right away I’m thinking it’s a very bad sign that to stop the notices requires one to uninstall and hide updates and then change updates to not install recommended updates. They seem desperate to get everyone on it.

    So after many months, I thought I would try out Windows 10 even though I had heard about bugginess, privacy issues and little control over updates. I thought at least I should check it out so I can help family that use it should they need it. From the beginning it was tough. I had to do more than one reset and had to reinstall everything.

    What I didn’t like about Windows 10:

    1. Buggy. Email notifications are not consistent. Photo app cannot reduce image size.
    2. Strangeness continues. There are two settings areas – Settings and Control Panel. And apps on a desktop that has programs?
    3. Privacy. So many privacy related switches to turn off. And then a major update comes along and turns them on again.
    4. Looks. I find it a flat boring looking OS that looks like it was designed in 1994 or for a phone with very limited ram.
    5. Phone. The OS looks like something that should be on a low ram phone with apps, live tiles, ipad like switches, voice assistance etc. Unfortunately these OS ideas was tried on phones and these phones have tiny market share. Not many are using them. The other thing is its on a desktop not a phone.

    6. Updates: Very little control over updates makes the possibility of a bad update getting pushed out to many a real possibility. It’s already happened: luckily it just affected some settings but maybe next time it will be more serious. Very little easily accessible info about the updates and what they are doing.

    7 Edge browser – it has no add-on capability and it has scrolling issues on some sites. The settings area is bare bones with not much functionality. It looks apple-ish in a bad way. But you can scribble on it. I don’t get it.

    I’ve gone back to Windows 8.1 and by comparison Win 8.1 is a much better OS. It even appears to be a little faster with many programs. I’m going to stay with 8.1 on my main laptops. I’m also going to be looking into Linux.

  36. I like that when I have a bunch of work open, maybe not all saved, windows 10 will wake my machine up in the middle of the night, wake me up with the screen brightness and forceably close all the programs I have open, saved or not!!

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