8 Most Important Features To Consider Before Buying An Antivirus

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Using an antivirus software is easy, but selecting one that suits your needs is not. You have to research multiple companies all claiming to offer an edge in terms of protection against viruses and malware. Here are the most important factors to consider while buying antivirus software.

1. Scanning and detection methods

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The best type of antivirus software offers real-time scanners and on-demand discovery. The real-time scanner runs continuously in the background and checks every file that is accessed via your device, both offline and online. Meanwhile, an on-demand scanner periodically runs through every single file on your device to check for malware, whether it is accessed or not. Both combine to provide the best protection.

2. Payment terms

The majority of antivirus software companies offer a yearly subscription for their services, with a variety of additional charges and caveats that you must keep a lookout for. While searching for an efficient, reasonably-priced software, consider the following points:

  • Is the software that is being offered the latest version?
  • Does the company offer enough time on the free trial version to allow you to properly test the program?
  • Will the full cost of regular upgrades and license renewals bump up the price beyond the initial estimate?

3. Effect on the Speed of Your Device

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Many types of heavy-duty antivirus software run continuously in the background, consuming CPU resources and taking up processing speed to slow down the entire device. This can be a problem if you regularly run heavy-duty games or other types of software that need more of the CPU’s resources. While using the trial version of the software, check that the requirements of the program do not conflict with your own requirements of your device, or you will be doing damage to your device as it struggles to keep up with the heavy demand.

4. Privacy Policy

We live in a time when personal information is under greater threat than ever, thanks to the Internet. Even several antivirus companies charged with protecting your data have been discovered to be selling your data to information brokers. Make sure the company selling the software has not been caught in such a scandal.

Also, read the privacy policy for the software carefully so you are aware of the full extent to which the software will have access to your personal information and how it will be using that information. You can also look up the meaning of parts of the policy online if in doubt.

5. Ease of Virus Removal

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Finally, look into what method the software uses to remove a piece of malware from your devices. Some important factors in this regard are:

  • An up-to-date registry of the latest worms, Trojans, Rootkits, and Spyware that pose a threat.
  • A full-proof method of virus removal.
  • Removing the virus should not adversely affect your personal files.
  • The virus should not be allowed to spread across different devices.
  • Suspicious files should be immediately quarantined on your device until they can be properly examined.
  • Suspicious sources of data should be automatically blocked.

Remember that certain types of virus affect only files, while other types can affect the system as well. In the case of the latter, your antivirus should have the special tools required to clean up the system and restore it to its original functionality.

6. Compatibility with your system

Remember that having a Mac or Linux system does not guarantee full protection against malware. Whatever your operating system, make sure the antivirus you buy is compatible with your device. Often, an antivirus is available in a specific version to suit the needs of a specific version of the operating system.

7. List of Additional Protection Features

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In addition to providing basic protection of your device, what other features are offered by the antivirus? How many of those features are going to be personally useful to you? Some of the additional features you need to inquire about include:

  • Anti-Spyware scanning for government employees
  • Secure firewall for company-owned devices
  • Parental locks for devices used by children
  • Providing protection to multiple devices in one package

8. Tech support

The mark of a conscientious company is one that keeps engaged with your purchase even after you have bought their antivirus program. Check out the troubleshooting forum of the website for the company to see if the questions posted there are being answered promptly by the company technicians. You can also get in touch with the company’s helpline with a query, whether via phone or email, to judge their response time and efficiency of support provided.


Buying antivirus software need not be a confusing or stressful process if you take the time to research your options and consider the security factors that mean the most to you. Read up on reviews for the most popular software that are posted regularly on tech review sites to have an even better idea of what brand of software will best suit your needs.

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