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As a social media marketer, or simply a person who manages multiple social media accounts, you may benefit from using a proxy service. Most social networks don’t allow multiple accounts, so the accounts used to hit marketing goals or administer business accounts will get blocked. Here’s where a reliable proxy service, such as TheSocialProxy, comes into the equation. This review takes a closer look at TheSocialProxy and discusses how it can help improve your social media account management experience.

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What Does TheSocialProxy Do?

When you log out of one of your social media accounts and log into the next one, your IP address stays the same when connected to your wireless or mobile network. To prevent that, TheSocialProxy changes your IP addresses as you log into different accounts via automatic IP rotation. By doing this, the social network’s anti-boot system won’t pick up any suspicious activity on your end. TheSocialProxy uses API technology to perform automated IP routing, which in turn gives you access to an endless stream of mobile IPs.

Socialproxy Review Social Media Tool

Instagram poses the biggest problem for multiple account holders, as the social app has a very strong anti-proxy system in place. Fortunately, TheSocialProxy has managed to design proxies that are capable of bypassing Instagram’s restrictions, so you can set up and use as many accounts on the network as you would like.

TheSocialProxy is not limited to just one social network, so you can use the service to log in to multiple accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. The proxies also integrate well with popular automation software, such as Jarvee, Nextpost or Follow Linker.

TheSocialProxy manages to deliver this superior experience because it relies on its own equipment. Basically, it uses its own 4G LTE devices to route requests through. The IPs they provide are also real IPs provided by legit mobile carriers. This way, a social network’s anti-bots detection system won’t be able to tell these are proxies acting on someone else’s behalf.

Getting Started with TheSocialProxy

First, you’ll need to create an account on TheSocialProxy and purchase one of the proxy options available from the shop. TheSocialProxy does not come with an extended free trial, so you’ll need to jump onboard with one of the proxies right away.

So far, TheSocialProxy options are quite limited: you’ll be able to choose between Germany, Israel, U.K., U.S. and Austria. However, by the time I made it to the shop to make my choice, only the Austrian proxy was still available for purchase, as the others were listed as “Out of stock.” Interestingly, I checked again a few days afterward, and the Israel and UK versions were once again up for grabs. However, you don’t have to wait like I did. Contact support via the 24/7 live chat or send a ticket so that they can restock and possibly assist your further.

How It Works

There are two main ways to use these proxies. TheSocialProxy allows you to use a media panel to log in to your social media accounts from their interface. Alternatively, you can set the proxy in your browser and use it for all your online activities.

Once you’ve made your purchase, go to TheSocialProxy dashboard – where all the magic happens. On the left of the screen under “Tools,” you’ll notice the “Media Tools” option. This is where you want to go to start setting up your social media accounts.

Socialproxy My Profile Field
View from Chrome browser

But first, you need to make sure that you add a name, website and logo for your business. If you don’t really have a website, that’s alright, as you can always use your social media pages. For instance, I used my Instagram business page.

While the process of adding these details should have been a smooth one, I ran into a bit of a hiccup while updating my information. While using my browser of choice (Firefox), I wasn’t able to upload my business’s logo (which is needed to proceed to the next step).

I kept getting an error related to my password (which is shown above in the same window), and even when I tried to change it, the problem persisted. What fixed it was me logging in to my account again in the Chrome browser. From there I went to Media Tools and updated my info without much hassle.

Accessing Social Media

Once this step is completed, you can link your business page to the Media Panel. Select your proxy first (the one you’ve purchased), press the “Create app” button, then click “Connect.”

Socialproxy Review Choose Proxy

You should arrive on the the social media login page. Choose the social network you want to log in to and input your credentials. Interestingly, you can only log in using your email and password, so if you usually use other means of authentication, such as your username, you’ll need to revert to email again.

Socialproxy Review Media Panel View

Input your credentials, and if everything is correct, you will be able to load the respective social media page and start browsing from there. If you want to add another account, go back to the login panel, select Instagram again and input your credentials from there. Provided you know your email and connected details, this part should go really smoothly. It took me a while, but that’s because I could do better when it comes to storing my passwords.

Once logged in, you can go about your business as usual, knowing for sure that your IP will constantly change as you add new accounts.

Speed Assessment

You can easily add TheSocialProxy in your browser as well. In Firefox (my usual choice), I had to go to “Network settings” to configure the proxy. I set it up using the information available in TheSocialProxy dashboard (host, port, username, password) in the lower right of the display. The process was quick and painless, and I could easily go back to browsing again.

Socialproxy Review Copy Proxy

While doing so, I didn’t notice any striking difference in connection speed while I was using the service, but then again, I used the ‘net for some pretty standard activities. To provide you with a better view of what level of speed to expect, I applied the SpeedTest tool by Ookla to measure Internet speed while on my normal connection and while on the proxy one. You can find the results below.

Socialproxy Review Normal Connection Speed
Normal connection results

Interestingly, the download speeds are the same, which is really great, but the ping has climbed from 8 on my standard connection to 119 on the proxy. Upload speeds are lower on the proxy, coming down from 2.21Mpbs to 0.48Mpbs. This is to be expected, and to be honest, it didn’t really impact my usual browsing experience, and it probably won’t affect yours all that much either. Despite the difference in stats, I can say TheSocialProxy’s offerings are quite fast and can perform very well in real-life browsing.

Socialproxy Review Proxy Speed
Proxy connection results

Additional Uses

While the service’s bread and butter is social media, you can use TheSocialProxy for other tasks, too, including:

  • SEO management
  • Price monitoring
  • Extracting content or crawling other websites
  • Brand protection
  • Marketing research
  • Travel aggregation
  • Quality assurance
  • Product management
  • Site testing and more


TheSocialProxy has a simple pricing system in place. Basically, it lets users purchase the rights to use any of its proxies for €90 ($98.96) per month. While you don’t get a free trial, per se, you can use the service for free for the first 24 hours. However, to access that, you will still need to enter your payment details. TheSocialProxy allows subscribers to use up to five devices with their proxies.

Final Thoughts

While pricing does seem a bit steep for a regular user, if you’re a business, investing your capital in a service such as TheSocialProxy may be to your advantage. As we have seen, the proxies are fast, undetectable, and overall, quite reliable. On top of that, their use can be extended beyond social media automation and have various other applications.

While TheSocialProxy does have a lot going for it, location support is still pretty limited at the moment, with only five options to choose from. If you want to use proxies for other regions, you may have to find an alternative service. But if location doesn’t matter that much to you, TheSocialProxy is definitely an option worth considering.

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