The Ultimate Mac Buyer’s Guide

After years of using Windows, you have decided to make the switch over to Mac. Chances are, you either want to confirm the hype for yourself or prove the Apple deniers wrong. You are at the point where you know that this switch is right for you, but you aren’t sure what to switch to. There are Mac options for light users and power users alike. In this article, we’ll take a look at the various options Mac buyers can choose from.

Mac Mini


The Mac Mini is a perfect Mac for beginners. The desktop computer is inexpensive due to the fact that it doesn’t include a monitor. However, the Mac Mini doesn’t take up space, which makes it perfect for small homes and offices. Despite it’s small size, you should rest assured that this affordable device doesn’t skimp on performance. The $599 laptop comes with up to a 2.7 GHz processor and up to a 750 GB hard drive. While it doesn’t have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse, after purchasing all of these items, the price will still be well below most of Apple’s entry-level iMacs.

Macbook Air


The Macbook Air is the laptop of choice for individuals who aren’t heavy computer users. These individuals who seem to have lives outside of the Internet will find the Macbook Air to be the perfect speed for their browsing needs. In addition, the Macbook Air can fit anywhere, making it a great laptop to jump on when at the coffee shop or taking a quick WIFI break while on a road trip. The $999 laptop is equipped with up to a 1.8 GHz processor and up to 256 GB of flash storage. The Macbook Air is the perfect uncomplicated laptop for light Internet usage.

Macbook Pro


There isn’t such thing as a perfect Mac, each user has specific needs. However, if there were an award for a well-rounded Mac, the Macbook Pro would win it hands down. The Macbook Pro is at an ideal price range and level of performance that many individuals will find suitable. The Macbook Pro comes with up to a 2.3 GHz processor and up to a 750 GB hard drive. The Macbook Pro comes with features the Macbook Air lacks, including an attached optical CD drive, Fire wire and an SD slot. If you want a portable but powerful notebook, the Macbook Pro is the only option for you.


The iMac is the perfect choice for individuals looking for a family computer. This is the due to the fact that it is a powerful desktop at an affordable price. The price range is on par with the Macbook Pro, with a price starting at $1199. The iMac has made a large change from previous years, when these desktops were prone to freezes and multiple glitches. Today’s iMacs come with up to a 3.1 GHz processor, only second behind the Mac Pro. These desktops also come with up to 2 TB of internal storage, ample storage for the average user and the power user alike. The iMac is everything about the Macbook Pro, in a desktop, and much more.

Mac Pro


The last desktop we will talk about for Mac buying guide is the Mac Pro. This isn’t a Macbook Pro by any means; this Mac Pro is a desktop powerhouse. Despite it’s power, it would be a waste of money to purchase the Mac Pro if you would find yourself not needing the extensive power. This means that your everyday user, even Prosumer, should look at other options. The Mac Pro is for users who deal with system intensive applications, heavy multimedia editing, and more. This is a desktop that professionals will find use for years after its other Mac cousins die off. The Mac Pro has up to a 3.33 GHz processor and up to 8 TB of internal memory, an astronomical amount of power. Despite its $2499 price tag, highly configured systems can cost double that. This isn’t your average desktop, power users should rejoice about the creation of the Apple Mac Pro.

What is for me?

As you can see, there is a Mac for anyone. If you want a desktop, but without sacrificing performance or space, the Mac Mini is for you. If you want an ultra-portable device for the light user, the Macbook Air is what you have been looking for. Then we move toward the advanced laptops found in the Macbook Pro, and its advanced desktop cousin known as the iMac. If you are a demanding power user who required speed and space, the Mac Pro is your best option. Aside from all of this, configurations can also be made to have a computer to your liking. There’s no doubt that a Mac of any choice is a wise investment.


  1. very good, thx

    1. Thank You!

  2. I want a Mac that runs Windows 7 natively, without boot camp, parallels, or any other kludgy go-around. :-)

    1. Perhaps you should get a PC if you really want to run Windows 7 natively.

  3. I am getting MacBook Pro this coming month because I need some features that is not available in windows laptop that is long lasting battery…

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