The things I Hate About Safari 4 Beta – And How To Easily Fix Them


In terms of browser choice, I love Firefox on my Windows. For Mac, nothing beats Safari. When Safari 4 beta comes out, I downloaded it and upgraded my Safari 3 in no time. But lo and behold, there are many changes – supposed to be for the better – that are not to my personal preferences.

I surely wouldn’t complain about the speed. To me it feels faster. Recent test showed that Safari 4 beta is the fastest among other browsers. It was done by Apple so it’s a subject of bias. But so far there’s no objection to the test result from other browser makers


The problem is, I missed several things from Safari 3 like the position of the tabs – which are moved to the top, the full title of the opened page which will be shortened as more and more tabs are opened, and the blue bar which show how far the page has loaded.

And I’m not alone; there are a number of people out there who don’t like a number of new features of Safari 4. After a little googling, I found several solutions to the problems.

Tinkering With The Terminal

The first discovery was the method to bring back Safari 3’s familiar environment by tinkering with codes through the Terminal. There are about 8 codes found in this Random Genius page, including how to undo the changes should you prefer to have the Safari 4’s look and feel back.


Safari has to be restarted every time any changes were made for them to take effect.

If you are familiar with Terminal, the codes will surely help you. I myself am not a coding guy and the thought of writing one (even it’s just a copied and pasted line) make me shiver with fear. So I move on and continue with the search.

With a little help from little apps

So far, I’ve found two apps that will do the same task: changing individual elements of Safari 4 beta and revert back the changes if needed. They are:

1. Safari 4 Buddy – about 220 Kb of size and has options to change seven elements including the option to undo the changes.


2. Safari 4 Modifier – about 2.9 Mb of size and has options to change nine elements including the option to undo the changes.


Both apps using checkbox style options and users just simply check or uncheck the elements based on preferences.

Whichever method you choose – either the Terminal coding or one of the apps – their goals are the same: to have a speedy and convenient surfing experience without having to deal with unwanted eye candy.

If you have opinion or experience to share about Safari 4 beta, please use the comment below.

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  1. I also experienced many problems running Safari 4 on my G4, which is running OS 10.4.11.
    I found that it was very easy to uninstall and reinstall Safari 3, following these steps:
    1. Download the desired version of Safari from this site:
    (I installed Safari 3.0.4. The program downloaded to my desktop, where it was labeled “3.0.4”)
    2. Locate Safari 4 in your Applications folder (or wherever you stored it) and drag it to the trash.
    3. Empty the trash.
    4. Drag the downloaded version of Safari from your desktop into your Applications folder.
    It was that easy, and my Safari 3.0.4 is now running like a dream. The Safari 4 nightmare is over!
    posted by anonymous

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