The Hot and In-Demand Programming Bundle Deal

This extremely good bargain will set you on a path to a new career as a programmer.

Learn the programming languages that are currently being used by other top programmers with The Hot and In-Demand Programming Bundle. The nearly 350 lessons will teach you everything you need to know about AngularJS, Django, jQuery, Javascript, and Python.

The four courses in this bundle include:

AngularJS Training – Learn how to build web applications faster and with less coding.

  • Access to twenty-five lectures and five hours of content
  • Create a single-page application or enterprise web application
  • Understand the fundamentals such as data binding, directives, and filters
  • Discover data binding, dependency injection, and modules
  • Load and post data to a remote server
  • Learn how the MVC abd modular approach is used to create a web application


Django Unchained with Python – Create websites and apps fast and put them to use with Django and the Python web framework.

  • Access fifty-seven lectures and ten hours of video
  • Get to work with the Django and MVC Architectural and MVT platforms
  • Manage data with MVC models
  • Create a superuser, choices, add filters, and customize templates
  • Design a Universal Resource Locator
  • Organize templates
  • Improve views, create tests, and understand setup tools

Comprehensive jQuery and Javascript Bundle – Master jQuery to create more interactive websites more quickly.

  • Access 240 lectures and forty-four hours of content
  • Make more interactive web pages and create JavaScript events that react to visitor actions
  • Use animations and effects
  • Create drop-down navigations menus, pop-ups, and automated slideshows
  • Improve your user interface
  • Use an external server using AJAX to get your web pages to interact
  • Use web forms to collect data


Practical Projects of Python Programming – Build data visuals using your Python skills.

  • Access to nineteen lectures and three hours of content
  • Learn the flexibility of Python programming
  • Discover how to combine Python and HTML to make a high functioning prototype
  • Create a statistics file by combining Python and PDF
  • Automatically download data from the Internet.PDF format
  • Use Python to analyze and visualize data

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The Hot and In-Demand Programming Bundle

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