The Best of Apple at CES 2012

We all know that Apple itself doesn’t go to CES, or at least not to show off new gadgets, but third party companies are there to show off some of their newest creations in the form of iOS accessories and add-ons. At CES, there were a ton of these ranging from cases to hook ups you can use with games already in the App Store. Though all of the hundreds of accessories presented, MTE has decided to take a couple of our favorites to show you. Here are the best of the best accessories for iOS devices shown off at CES 2012.

Tylt for iOS


Tylt is being created as a new name for all of your charging needs. The fairly new company under the direction of Technocel. The Tylt chargers allow you to charge multiple devices, even the non iDevice ones, all at the same time. In addition to chargers, they also have a new concept to the charger cable. Tylt has designed charger cables that are flat and resemble an unwinded fruit roll-up snack. They call it The Ribbon and it’s created to allow for more space and to prevent pesky tangled chargers. Along with chargers, they have nice cases and a cool car USB port that uses your car lighter. They are dual, meaning you can charge your iPhone and iPad while on a road trip. Mass production for these products should begin soon, so be on the look out.

Mophie: Outdoor Edition


Mophie is a favorite for mobile battery iPhone cases. If you aren’t familiar with the company, Mophie battery cases allow you to charge the iPhone with it’s case on, once you unplug the case, the iPhone is continually provided with some juice, stopping a situation of being stranded without cell phone power. The Mophie Juice Pack Outdoor Edition provides you with the same concept, along with protection, all in a lightweight product. One thing that sets this product apart is the ability to use it as a GPS receiver. All you need is the specialty app to get started. The app is available now, but as of January 16th, the cases have been so popular that they’ve been on backorder, so stay tuned to their site to see when it’s available. Click here to download it today.

LaunchPort for iPad


The Launchport allows you to place your iPad on the receiver to charge it. The receiver can be placed anywhere, allowing for convenient charging. The receiver also acts as a stand, making it a great addition to your nightstand. The receiver is known as the Station and the case used to receive the Station is known as a PowerShuttle. There are two Station options, a Base Station and Wall Station. As the name shows, Base Station is more for tabletops and Wall Stations allow you to charge on the wall. Stretching your mind a little, you’ll notice the amazing possibilities of the Wall Station, including the ability to share short messages with family, making it a great message board for the house. The Shuttles are available for $149, The Stations are available for $199.

Xybotyx for iPhone


No, the title above was spelled correctly. The Xybotyx, one of the most… creative company names we’ve seen, is bringing out a concept of iPhone robots. The robot takes advantage of the capabilities already in the iPhone, allowing it to learn new commands as it goes. However, as of now, the public doesn’t know what the robot will do. We feel the possibilities will be endless, and at a price of only $111.11, we are very interested in what this robot actually can do at such a low price. The base model is known as the Xybot (Zie-Bot) 1. Another model, known as the Xybotyx (Zie-bot-ex) is expected to come out soon.

Just Air for iPad


JustAir is a product that protects your iPad with, well just air. The case uses air filled bubbles in the case that surrounds your iPad with protection. The company’s original concept was protection of laptops, a concept they continue to do, but the center of attention at CES was their iPad models. Another appealing feature of this product is it’s extremely low price. For only $29.99 plus shipping, this case offers a new meaning to iPad protection. Want to protect your laptop as well? The company has 10 inch notebook protection for the same price, 13 inch laptop JustAir cases are available for $5 more, and the 15 inch models are available for $39.95. Each of these models are available on the website today.

Cocoon Cases


Cocoon is a company that specializes in bags and cases for your laptops, phones, and cameras. The item front and center at CES for the company was their Grid-it! model. These mega-cases allow you to fit almost your whole life in a case. With their low-end model being $9.99 and their higher end for $49.99, Cocoon offers protection at an affordable cost. The higher end model, the Grid-It! Bundle offer you with a place for everything. Their press photo showed a place for a desktop microphone, tons of cords, cell phones, gaming hardware, and a stores worth of chewing gum. If you want a “grid-system” that can hold everything, Cocoon’s Grid-It is for you.

Lifeproof for iPhone


Take your newly, $200 iPhone 4S, and surf, or take a shower, or maybe even go for a run. You probably wouldn’t even consider doing any of this activities with your iPhone 4s in toe, even with a quality case. But Lifeproof for iPhone allows you to do all of these activities with an ease of mind. Lifeproof for iPhone offers protection from shock, water, sand, and more without it being bulky and compromising design. With Lifeproof’s Swimming Headphone Adapter, you have the ability to have a fun jam session with your waterproof headphones, while swimming or surfing. Lifeproof for iPhone allows you to live life without your iPhone holding you back.



Lastly, we’ll take a look at a product I can’t wait to try out myself. At first glance, it seemed like a regular bag that offers compartments for all of your gadgets. But once you take a look at the name, you know it’s full value. The Powerbag allows you to charge your gadgets with your backpack while on the go. From backpacks, to messenger bags, to briefcases, the backpacks take advantage of a rechargeable battery pack in the bag that allows you to just hook up and go. The bag is also water resistant, allowing you to use the bag to its fullest without worry. I must say, I am definitely going to look into one. For a base price of $139 ┬áto higher models asking for $179, they are a bit expensive but well worth it.

Image credit: Big Stock Photo

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