How to Tether Using Your Android Phone

Unless you are one of the few who have upgraded to Froyo, or you have rooted your Android phone, chances are, you are still not able to tether using your Android phone. Those who are seeking a solution, PdaNet is the easiest way available to provide tethering to your Mac or PC. PdaNet allows you to, without rooting your phone (and thus keeping your warranty intact), share your phone’s data connection with your computer, enabling you to go online on it through your phone and its data plan. Obviously, this requires a data on your wireless plan for your phone, but if you’ve got an Android phone, in all likelihood you’ve also got data, so let’s move forward!

The first step is to head over to Download the installer for Windows, or for Mac.  If you’re in Windows, once the installer has finished downloading, just run it and follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation.


On a Mac, download and run the installer, then reboot your computer when prompted. After rebooting, you should see the PdaNet icon in your Mac’s menu bar.

The next step, in either case, is to launch the Android Market app on your phone and download PdaNet Free Edition.


Next, on your phone, go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications, then Development and check “USB Debugging“. This allows the operation of certain parts of the Android OS while your phone is plugged in to your computer. Once you have enabled USB Debugging, you can launch PdaNet on your device.


In PdaNet, all you need to do is touch “Enable USB Tether”. Now, you’re ready to plug your phone in to your computer. When you plug your phone in to your Mac, you will see the menu icon change to active, rather than having a red “x” in the lower right corner. Click the icon, then click “Connect,” and you’re online!  On the PC, the process is nearly identical. Enable USB Tether in PdaNet on your phone, plug the phone in to the USB port on your computer, and click “Connect,” which  is in the right-click contextual menu of the PdaNet icon in your Windows System Tray.


Once you’ve clicked “Connect,” you’re connected to the internet!  You may want to wait a few seconds before opening your browser, just to make sure everything is all set, but once you do that, you should be able to start your browser and have everything working perfectly! Open your favorite browser and start surfing, bring up iChat or Aim and chat, or shoot off a few emails, all while on the go, with no wifi! 

Remember to get back to us in the comments with your experiences with the app, as well as with any others you find useful for tethering or similar purposes!

Colin Scattergood

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  1. How about you get a phone that isn't locked down fro the creator? With my n900 I plug it into my Ubuntu box, selecting “pc mode” and poof! It appears as a modem I can connect with…


  2. Thanks Danji. Proxoid is good, except that it requires some command line knowledge to get it working.

    Pdanet has its own disadvantages too that it don't support Linux and you need to pay to access https site.

  3. On my Desire (with Ubuntu) all I needed to do was plug in a USB lead and select the Internet Share option :-) The only downside was the hotel I was in was a bloody mobile signal blackhole so I couldn't get a reliable data connection without resorting to dial-up speeds :-D

  4. You are the lucky few who got Internet tethering feature built into your handset. Currently, unless you got froyo, or you have rooted the phone, most people won't have internet tethering on their Android handset.

  5. Interesting guys! One advantage this does have, even over Froyo, is that you won't have to pay extra to your carrier just to tether. And proxoid looks cool I hadn't heard of that…Definitely not quite as straight forward, but cool nonetheless.

  6. Yes, definitely PDANet is a great and easy to use piece of software. I used it before and it did the job well under OSX and Windows.

    (Sorry that I forgott to thank for the good article on my previuos comment. ;)

  7. Thanks Danji! I really appreciate the compliment as well as the additional info. There are lots of ways to do most things in tech, and its always best to learn as many as we can, so I'm always trying to! Thanks again!

  8. When I try to connect to my Android Incredible (Verizon) I get the message: Unable to open interface (e00002c5)

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