How to Test Internet Connection Speed From the Terminal

If you are connected to a broadband network and are wondering how fast your Internet connection really is, here is a way to test your Internet connection speed with a simple command.

In Linux, open a terminal and type the following:

wget -O /dev/null

What this command does is to download a 10M file to your computer. However, since you are pointing the destination folder to “/dev/null”, no actual file are being saved to your computer. The file are discarded on arrival.

In the terminal, you will be able to see the speed of the download, which is equivalent to your Internet connection speed.


1. If your Internet speed is so fast that you can’t detect the download speed, you can opt to download a 100M or 500M file instead. To do that, simply change the URL to download “” or “”.

2. Windows users can install Wget for Windows here while Mac users can grab the Mac version here.

Image credit: speed bugs

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