Tesla Software Update Allows Cameras to Recognize Speed Limit Signs

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There have been many safety concerns about Tesla’s autonomous cars. Luckily, the company is continuously addressing those concerns by pushing updates. In the latest Tesla software update, speed limit signs will be recognized and a warning will be given when a traffic light turns green.

Tesla Software Update for Traffic Signs and Lights

There are no completely autonomous cars being marketed at this time, so drivers still need to stay alert. This recent Tesla software update, however, will allow the vehicles to take on just a tad more responsibility.

Chief executive officer and chief technology officer Elon Musk had promised that fully autonomous Teslas would be available this year; however, there is still only the misnomer of a $7,000 “full self-driving mode” package available.

Last April, the company released a beta software update that allowed its autonomous car fleet to recognize stop signs and traffic lights at some intersections. The feature became available for the “full self-driving” version of Autopilot.

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When activated, this feature reduces the speed on the car to stop for stoplights and stop signs. Drivers are required to participate in the process at this point. They must either tap the accelerator or pull the Autopilot lever before the car can proceed.

Musk had first mentioned this feature in 2018. “Your Tesla will soon be able to go from your garage at home to parking at work with no driver input at all,” he said.

Tesla’s Newest Software Update

In the release notes for the newest Tesla software update, it says, “Speed Assist now leverages your car’s cameras to detect speed limit signs to improve the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads.” It added that the speed limit signs, when detected, “will be displayed on the driving visualization and used to set the associated Speed Limit Warning.”

Additionally, when a traffic light turns green, there will b a chime heard to alert the driver. “A chime will play when the traffic light you are waiting for turns green. If you are waiting behind another car, the chime will play once the car advances, unless Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer is active.”

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The driver will be required to respond. The Tesla software update release notes say that when the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature is activated. “a chime will play when you confirm to proceed through a green traffic light.”

The chime is meant solely as a notification for the driver. “It is the driver’s responsibility to observe their environment and make decisions accordingly,” adds the release notes.

Tapping the cluster speedometer will set the driver’s speed to the speed regulation. It can also be adjusted by tapping the speed limit sign. In previous software versions, the scrolls on the steering wheel modified the speed or reset cruise control.

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