Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional (Update: Contest Ended)

This is the fifth day of our Birthday giveaway. The giveaway item for today is Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional.

Do you know that when you delete a file or folder (and empty the trash), the file/folder is still in your hard drive and can be recovered? While you won’t be able to find the files anymore in your Windows Explorer, with a special data recovery software, you can still access the deeper part of your hard drive and pull out those files that are supposed to be gone forever. Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional is one such software.

Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional is a data recovery tool that not only recovers data from hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file system, but also supports Mac file system (HFS, HFS+), and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3). It is also able to recover music, picture, video as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many other files.

After installation, on the first run, this is what you will see:


There are four options in the left column: Deleted Recovery, Format Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw Recovery.

  • Deleted Recovery – recover deleted files, regardless it is a Windows, Mac or Linux filesystem
  • Format Recovery – recover files/folders from a formatted partition or external drive.
  • Partition Recovery – backup partition table and restore damaged partition table caused by hard disk crash.
  • Raw Recovery – recover files from seriously damaged file system

The usage is very easy and is the same for the four option.

1. Select an option from the left column. In most cases, you will use the “Deleted Recovery”.

2. Next, select the drive/partition that you want to scan for deleted files.


3. After the scanning is completed, it will show a list of the deleted (and restorable) files. Select the files that you want to restore and click the “Recover” button.


That’s it. If you can’t find the files you want with the “Deleted Recovery” option, you will have better luck with the “Raw Recovery” option, though the scanning will take a longer time.

Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional

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