TED Downloader Allows You to Download All TED Videos At Once

Update: Version 2 of TED Downloader is out.

If you are a TED fan, I am sure you will always hang out at the TED site, looking for inspiring videos to watch. The troublesome thing about visiting the TED site is that you can only watch one video at a time and if you want to download the videos for offline viewing, you have to do it manually for each and every video. TED Downloader is one simple software that allows you to download all TED videos at one go so you can watch all the videos wherever you are.

TED Downloader is created by obinshah as a personal tool for him to quickly download TED videos. He has kindly released this small, but useful tool to the public.

The usage is simple.

1. Download and install the TED Downloader (WIndows only).


2. Select the video quality (low, regular, high) and the location to save the videos. Lastly, click the “Get Ted Talks” button.


That’s it.

Some Limitations

At the moment, there are almost zero features. You can’t:

  1. choose which video to download. It will download all videos by default. You can select which video to download in version 2 of the software
  2. stop the download (the only way to stop the downloads is to close the app)
  3. No subtitle for the video

However, the developer has promised to include these features in the next release, so we shall wait and see.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to download all the TED videos, this is definitely one handy tool.

Update: The latest update of the software brings new features:

  • Ability to Select which videos to Download.
  • Ability to sort the videos by name, by the location they were held in, by the date they took place on and also by the duration of the videos(in case you want to download only videos which are short) while retaining previous selections
  • Ability to add a Proxy.
  • Ability to Refresh Links
  • Ability to Export the Download Paths, if you want to use a different download Manager.
  • A new and better UI which not only allows you to individually select which videos to download but also provides a better indicator of the videos being downloaded and remaining.

Let me know if it works for you.


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