What Technology Product Has You Patiently Waiting for an Update?

Apple fanatics were able to rejoice this week with the release of both a new Mac mini and new MacBook Air. It had been five and four years, respectively, since they were last updated. That’s a long wait while iPhones and iPads are being updated every year.

But now that the new Mac mini and MacBook Air have been released, are there other tech product updates you’ve been waiting on? What technology product has you patiently waiting for an update?

Our Opinion

Alex admits he was one who was waiting on the Mac mini and the MacBook Air and was resigned to waiting forever, “but it turns out Apple can still surprise me.” Now he’s waiting for the next promised Mac Pro.


For a long time Kenneth has been waiting for Samsung phones to move towards being bezel-less, and he believes that may be coming to the Galaxy S10, although that hasn’t been confirmed. Based on some Chinese phone manufacturers such as Oppo having already gone bezel-less with their flagship Oppo Find X, “it makes sense for Samsung to want to follow the trend.”

Miguel reports he hasn’t been waiting for anything. “This year, I am very easily pleased.”

Andrew notes he isn’t one to “buy tons of new gadgets” so doesn’t spend a lot of time wishing for new products, but he has recently discovered some software he missed out on, such as Alternate Windows search and bulk renaming programs. He found UltraSearch and is never going back and Bulk Rename Utility, which he finds very useful. He’s also searching for a video streaming service that has all the content so that it’s not all spread among different services.

Sayak has been waiting for the OnePlus 6T. He’d already heard good things about their phones and that they’re more affordable than Samsung and Apple. He believes smartphones will head towards minimalism and is envisioning a smartphone with “a powerful battery, single-body design, and zero ports.” He also notes, he’ll wait a few months for the OnePlus 6T price to drop once it’s released.


Simon, like Miguel, is really satisfied with his current physical products. Yet with online products, there are some paid video streaming services he subscribes to that still use Adobe Flash, and since HTML5 was introduced, he’s “had a deep distaste for anything that runs off Flash,” so he’s hoping to see those services update their players soon.

Phil isn’t someone who sits and waits for upgrades. He finds “upgrades add features I don’t use or break existing features I do use,” so he sticks with legacy tech as much as possible. If he had extra disposable income, he’d be searching the Internet looking for ways to stay up to date, joking he’s still “using handcranks and steam power.”

Like Alex, I was also waiting for the Mac mini. Mine is a 2011. It needed to be upgraded earlier this year, as it’s beginning to poop out on me, and I can’t even download the latest macOS to it. But until this week the most recent one was from 2014, and it wasn’t that much different than mine.

But now that it’s introduced, it’s $800, $300 more than the last one. And since I now do no work on my Mac and do about 95% on my iPad and 5% on my iPhone, I’m thirsting after the new iPad Pro. Never wanted a Pro before, but this one has me salivating.

Your Opinion

What are you thirsting after? What gadgets and software are you watching and waiting on? What technology product has you patiently waiting for an update? Join our discussion in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Apple or the MacBook Air. All others public domain.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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