What Tech Gifts Are You Giving This Holiday Season? [Poll]

Gift-giving during the holiday season is certainly a lot different than it use to be. Kids were expecting to get toys such as dolls and trucks, but more and more wish lists are featuring big ticket tech items such as tablets, game systems, mobile phones, and e-readers. What tech gifts will the recipients on your list be getting this holiday season?

On Black Friday this year, the number one selling item at Target was the iPad, and not just one iPad but all of the different versions currently for sale. At Walmart, the number one item was specifically the iPad Mini. Mind you this isn’t a comparison of just which tech gifts sold the most, but a comparison of all items in the store. The other items selling big at Walmart were the Xbox One, televisions, and laptops.

Will you join the majority of holiday shoppers and buy an iPad or other tablet or will you go with a more traditional game system like the recently released PlayStation 4? Will you opt for something more cerebral and put your money on an e-reader?

What tech gifts are you giving this holiday season?

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  1. The tech gift that I am giving is the abacus. It takes some mental power to figure out how to use it, not like so many of these mindless gadgets!

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