What Is TeamSpeak and How Do You Use It?

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TeamSpeak is a straightforward application for Internet voice communications. It’s popular among gamers but not strictly for in-game communications. If you’re looking for alternatives to your voice conferencing application, this guide explains what TeamSpeak is and how to use it.

What Is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) application for desktop and mobile. Its primary function is to let users chat on a channel, much like when using a conferencing application, such as Zoom, Google Meet, and the like. Further, TeamSpeak functions similarly to VOIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform Discord.

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It’s typically used with microphone-enabled headphones. The TeamSpeak client software connects you to a server of your preference, where you can join voice chat channels.

TeamSpeak is mainly used by gamers who use the application to communicate with other players on the same team in a multiplayer video game. With this application, gamers gain a competitive advantage, as they can communicate with their teammates without pressing communication buttons in-game.

How Is It Similar to Discord?

Discord also has servers that allow voice and text communication servers with one or more channels. It also runs in the background and feeds sounds to people in the same channel you’re in. You don’t need to press in-game communication buttons to communicate with people you’re playing with.

Both TeamSpeak and Discord allow users to communicate using voice and text. In addition, they allow you to send private messages to individual channel members, send images, videos, and other file types to channels and channel members.

The Difference Between TeamSpeak and Discord

The difference between TeamSpeak and Discord is server customization. Since TeamSpeak 3 has a simple interface designed to provide essential communications, the client doesn’t have the customization Discord offers its users.

On Discord, server administrators can add bots with different purposes. For example, some bots play music, and automatically reply to server member questions, assign roles. In addition, owners can boost Discord servers to attract more members and create a community.

TeamSpeak offers this feature, but you’re required to download its SDK client to add your plug-ins.

Teamspeak Sdk Download

Who Uses TeamSpeak?

While Discord is the go-to voice communications app for most gamers, TeamSpeak has features preferred by some professional e-sports organizations. It’s also popular among niche gaming communities with specific game-dedicated servers created by its users.

How to Use TeamSpeak

  1. Head to TeamSpeak’s downloads page. You can get it for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Teamspeak Downloads Page
  1. Install the TeamSpeak 3 client.
  2. Launch the app after installation.
  3. To join a server, click on “Connections” and select “Connect.” You can also press Ctrl + S to open the “Connect” window.
Teamspeak Main Screen Connect
  1. In the “Server Nickname or Address,” you can paste the IP address and other details of the server you want to connect to. After filling out the details, click “Connect.” If you want to try global, public, and free servers, visit TeamSpeak 3 Viewer.
Teamspeak Main Screen Connect Window
  1. After connecting successfully, you should see a “Host message” and your chosen server’s content. Find channels relevant to you and double-click to join.

You can only be in one channel at a time. Moreover, some channels won’t allow you to talk if you aren’t granted talk permission.

Teamspeak Main Screen Connected

How to Make a TeamSpeak Server

If you’re a Windows user and want to create a TeamSpeak server for you and your friends, follow these steps:

  1. Go to TeamSpeak’s Server client downloads page and download the appropriate version for your computer.
Teamspeak Downloads Page Server
  1. Extract the installer and run “ts3server.exe” from the main folder to proceed.
  2. Read and accept the server license’s general business terms and customer information.
Teamspeak Server Terms
  1. Allow Windows firewall access to TeamSpeak 3 Server software.
Teamspeak Server Allow
  1. In the next window, you’ll see the server information generated for you by the TeamSpeak 3 Server software. Leave this window open, as you’ll need the information there.
Teamspeak Server Query
  1. Open Windows Command Prompt, type ipconfig, and press Enter.
  2. Copy the address written next to “IPv4 Address.”
Teamspeak Server Command Prompt
  1. Open the TeamSpeak 3 client, click “Connections,” and select “Connect.” Alternatively, press Ctrl + S to open the “Connect” window.
Teamspeak Main Screen Connect
  1. Paste the “IPv4 Address” value you copied from Command Prompt to the “Server Nickname or Address” field and click “Connect.”
Teamspeak Connect Created Server
  1. Go back to the TeamSpeak 3 Server client window and copy the “Server Admin Privilege Key.

This key is only for administrators, such as yourself. If you want other people to join your server, you don’t have to share this key unless you want them to provide administrator privileges.

Teamspeak Server Query
  1. Paste it to TeamSpeak 3 client’s “Enter Privilege Key” field and click “OK.”
Teamspeak Key Field
  1. The TeamSpeak 3 client should show that your key was successfully used for administrator privileges and entry. Click “OK.”
Teamspeak Key Used
  1. Once inside your private server, you can right-click on the channel area and click “Create Channel.”
Teamspeak Create A Channel
  1. Fill out the necessary fields and modify other settings as you wish. After finalizing the information, click “OK.” The channel should appear in the channel area.
Teamspeak Create Channel Information
  1. Lastly, share your server address with your friends to let them into your private server. You can get your server’s “Address” from the server information area to the right of the channel area.
Teamspeak Server Address

How to Use TeamSpeak Overlay

TeamSpeak 3 has an in-game overlay powered by Overwolf. If you didn’t install Overwolf with the client, you can visit the website to download it.

Teamspeak Overlay Download

Similar to TeamSpeak, Overwolf has a very straightforward interface. You get options to turn on the TeamSpeak 3 client, turn notifications on and off, and set command buttons to open channels using keyboard shortcuts.

The most crucial feature of Overwolf is its ability to show you who’s speaking in your channel. You can enjoy this feature by clicking on “Notifications” and setting it to “On.”

Teamspeak Overlay

This feature is highly beneficial when receiving information from your teammates in-game. For example, their TeamSpeak server name will appear on your screen as they speak.

In addition, you can change the theme of your overlay by clicking on the “Settings” button.

Note: you have to leave TeamSpeak 3 running in the background to enjoy Overwolf’s functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is TeamSpeak free?

The TeamSpeak 3 client is free of charge. In addition, its tie-in software, such as TeamSpeak Server and TeamSpeak SDK, is also free. You don’t have to pay to join, create, or customize servers.

2. Is TeamSpeak available for mobile?

TeamSpeak 3 is currently available for both iOS and Android.

3. How can I add server bots, plug-ins, and other customizations?

Since the TeamSpeak 3 client doesn’t allow this level of server customization, you have to download TeamSpeak’s Client SDK.

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