How to Take Selfies with Your Rear-Facing Camera on Android

The advantage of the front-facing camera on your Android device is that you can see if everyone fits in the selfie or not. The downside to using the front-facing camera is that you’re using a camera with a lower resolution than your rear-facing camera.

Various phones can take great selfies with a good resolution, but if you want a selfie with the resolution your rear-facing camera offers, you’ll have to guess as to where you’ll need to position your phone. Thanks to the following method, you’ll at least have voice-guided instructions as to where you need to move your phone’s camera.

How to Shoot Rear-Facing Camera Selfies

If you don’t feel like installing another app, you can always use the stock camera app. You’ll have to guess as to where you need to position the camera for the perfect shot. The stock camera app doesn’t give you voice-guided instructions, so there’s a good chance you won’t get everyone in the shot. Just switch to the rear-facing camera by tapping on the camera icon with the two arrows and good luck.


Since you won’t be able to see if the image is clear or not, make sure you give the app enough time to use the auto-focus feature. Setting the timer will give you enough time to pose and will give the stock camera app time to focus.

Also, make sure that you have a good grip on your phone. That’ll lower the chances of your phone slipping, even slightly, getting a blurry selfie as a result. Keeping the camera at eye level will give you a better chance of getting your entire face in the picture.

Using a Third-Party App

If installing a third-party app is not a problem, you can try an app called Back Camera Selfie. It’s a free app that’s very easy to use that features voice-guided instructions that will tell you where you need to move your phone’s camera to take the perfect selfie.


You’ll hear the app either say up, down, right, left, or smile when you have the perfect angle. You won’t have to press any button to take the selfie, as the app will take it for you. The app will show you a preview of the picture you took and options to either take another selfie, approve it, share it, print it or get the Pro version.

The app also offers the possibility to use the front-facing camera with voice-guided instructions. Whether you’re using the front or rear-facing camera, the app will use the flash if you set it up that way. Just tap on the flash icon at the top-right.

You can also change the resolution by tapping on the option next to the flash. You’ll see various resolutions that you can choose from.

The app and it’s voice-guided instructions are available in various languages including German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese, Indonesian, and Slovene.

There’s also the possibility of “telling” the app what face you want it to focus on. To use this feature, tap on the star icon at the bottom right of your display, move the square to where you want the app to take the picture and follow the voice-guided instructions.


Depending on the model of your phone, you can still get a good selfie with the front-facing camera. If not, the above app and tips will help you get the perfect selfie without having to worry you’ll only get half your face. How often do you take selfies with the rear-facing camera? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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