How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Any Android Device

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You probably take screenshots all the time to either share a conversation or an image. Sharing them is easy when all you have to send is a screenshot or two, but what if you need to send a screenshot of the whole web page that is beyond the screen size?

Instead of bombarding your friends with multiple screenshots, you can take and send a scrolling screenshot in Android. A scrolling screenshot is when you take one long screenshot that covers an area that you have to scroll through to see the entire view. Doing this is not as hard as you think and will definitely save your time and bandwidth.

Take Scrolling Screenshots Using Your Phone’s Native Screen Capture Feature

Some smartphone models offer this option natively, so owners don’t need anything else to be able to take a scrolling screenshot.

If you have a OnePlus smartphone, go ahead and take a screenshot like you normally do. You can go for the classic method (hold down the power and volume down button at the same time for a few seconds) or use the three-finger swipe gesture.

How To Scrolling Screenshot One Plus Extended Capture

Once you’ve captured it, a small screen screenshot thumbnail will appear in the bottom-right corner. Notice the “expanded screenshot” blue button underneath and tap on it. You’ll be taken back to the page you want to screenshot, which will start scrolling down automatically. When you’re ready, tap the screen to bring the scrolling to a halt. Your extended screenshot will now be visible in your image gallery’s editor.

How To Scrolling Screenshot One Plus Stop Capturing

Alternatively, Huawei phone owners can also take long screenshots without external help. Once you’ve captured a screenshot on your device, tap to view it and then select the Scrollshot button at the bottom of the display.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Huawei Extended Capture

You’ll be taken back to the page you want to capture. Scroll down until you’ve included all the content and then tap the screen to finish. Your screenshot will now be shown in the phone’s gallery.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Huawei Stop Capturing

Other phones including models from Samsung and LG have this option.

Capture Long Screenshots Using Any Android Phone

If you own an older device or one from a different device manufacturer that doesn’t include a similar tool, you’ll have to install a third-party app.

LongShot for Long Screenshot

An app that takes great scrolling screenshots is LongShot for Long Screenshot. It’s entirely free and easy to use. When you open the app, you’ll notice three options allowing you to Capture Screenshot, Capture Web Page, and Select Images.

With the “Capture Screenshot” option, you can easily take screenshots for any apps or content on your phone and then save it to your Gallery. If you select this option, you’ll need to give the app permission to display over other apps. This appears in the form of a floating button that you have to tap in order to start and stop capturing.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Longshot App

Alternatively, go for the “Capture Web Page” option. You’ll need to enter the URL of the site where you want to take the scrolling screenshot. Tap on the “Set Start Position” button to start capturing and on the “Ends Here and Capture” button to wrap things up. The app will then show you a preview of the screenshot and an option to either share it or take a new one. Once you’re done, you can go to your device’s gallery to view the screenshots you’ve taken.

Full Screenshot Capture & Screenshot Editor

Full Screenshot Capture & Screenshot Editor allows users to easily capture long screenshots of web pages. The feature works very much like the one in LongShot. Users are required to access the embedded browser and navigate to the page they want to screenshot. Once there, make use of the Start here, End here and capture to create your screenshot or opt for the “Capture whole page” option. The app will save the resulting screenshot to your phone, and you can easily share it with others from the app or from your phone’s file manager.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Full Screenshot Capture

Full Screenshot Capture has a screen capture feature, too, which, in theory, lets users screenshot any app or content they might have on their device. However, you can’t use this app to take seamless long screenshots. Instead, it’s possible to stitch several images together to produce a long screenshot. The result isn’t as smooth, so if you’re looking to mostly screenshot content that is outside of webpages, we suggest you use LongShot instead.

The app also includes a basic photo editor, so you can edit your screenshots, or other pictures for that matter, before sending them out. While Full Screenshot Capture & Screenshot Editor is a free app, it does contain ads. You can remove those by purchasing a Pro subscription.

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to take a scrolling screenshot on Android can be very helpful, as it allows you to save time by being able to see them all in one place and not have to swipe multiople times. If want to capture screenshots on other devices, continue reading to find out how you can take screenshots on a Mac or a Windows 10 computer.

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