How to Take Screenshots on a Chromebook

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The process of taking screenshots on a Chromebook may be different from doing it on a Windows PC or a Mac, but not drastically different. You may be a little unsure how to do this in Chrome OS, because even the best of them don’t have a Print screen key, but it’s fairly simple to learn.

Whether you want to grab a portion or the entire screen altogether, the instructions below will show you how to do it on your Chromebook.

Note: depending on the model and manufacturer of your Chromebook, the keys we’ll reference may appear in different locations on your keyboard.

Via Keyboard

To capture a screenshot on a Chromebook, there are two quick keyboard tips you can use, both of which need the Switch Window (or Show Windows) key to work. This button is usually found in the top row.

Take Screenshot In Chromebook Keyboard

For full screenshots, hold down the Ctrl + Switch Window keys.

If you just want a portion of the screen, hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window keys, and then click and drag the cursor to select the area you want to capture.

For external keyboards, the combinations are different:

  • Full screenshots: Ctrl + F5
  • Partial screenshots: Ctrl + Shift + F5

In each case you’ll get a small confirmation window that appears briefly on your screen to let you know the screenshot was successfully taken.

Via Side Buttons

If your Chromebook is in tablet mode, you can take a screenshot by swinging back the keyboard. However, there’s an easier way of doing this, just like on your Android phone.

Take Screenshot In Chromebook Side Buttons

Press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to grab the screen. This will capture the entire screen, so if you want to capture a portion of it, use the keyboard combinations described in the first method.

Note: the orientation of the volume buttons don’t change with your screen’s orientation, so always know which side the volume down button is facing.

Via Stylus

Some Chromebooks, like the Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Plus (or Pro), have a stylus pen. You can use it as an extra option to take screenshots with.

Take Screenshot In Chromebook Stylus

The pen offers a menu of tools for you to perform a screen grab of a specific portion of the screen or the entire screen. It also allows you to annotate your screenshots.

Via Screenshot Apps and Extensions

If you want extra functionality, you can opt for a screenshot app or extension from Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Take Screenshot In Chromebook Nimbus Extension

Some of the best screenshot apps available include FireShot, Lightshot, Awesome Screenshot, SuperChrome, and 1Click Screenshot.

Using an extension, like the Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder, may help you capture a screenshot on your Chromebook. It not only allows you to capture the screen but also record a video of it. If you want to take a screenshot of a particular item on the menu, it allows you to delay the screen grab.

Where do I find my screenshots on a Chromebook?

The Downloads folder in the Files app on your Chromebook is the default location where screenshots are saved locally. You can find the screenshot you want based on the date it was taken. You can also edit it by cropping, adding filters, or other editing options.

To permanently back up your screenshots on a Chromebook, back it up to Google Drive or upload to Google Photos.

Image Credits: Google Chromebooks, Nimbus

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