How to Take Full Advantage of Google Photos

The management and administration of our pictures and gallery are without a doubt one of the most important things in our everyday life since we usually don’t go a day without taking a picture. Google Photos is a service, which even though it was not meant to replace our photo gallery, could very well help us manage it better. Let’s see what Google Photos has to offer besides its storage side.


Let’s start with this feature because it’s something that no other photo manager has: Search by terms. Let’s say you are looking for pictures with a plant in it. Just type in the word, and you will get pictures with plants in them. The plant might not be front and center, but it will be in the image.

Google Photos naturally stores your photos, but it also saves your videos. These videos can be uploaded to YouTube by heading over to the YouTube upload page. There you will see the Google Photos icon (in the upper right-hand corner), and by clicking on that, you can choose the video you want to add.


Sharing is caring, and if you feel like sharing your pictures with family and friends, Google Photos makes the sharing process Select the photos you want to share, and once you are done, select the Share icon.

You will be shown your sharing options that go from the external apps you have always been using such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to creating an album to share or a link to share. If you want to share multiple photos, you don’t have to tap on each one of them. Instead, just long-press on one of them and drag all the way to the side or down, and all the pictures will automatically be selected.

When we want to take a picture, we usually grab our smartphone, and that’s where the pictures usually stay. But if you have some pictures on your PC or Mac you want to save, you can do so with the help of the client for either Windows or Mac (as usual, there is no love for Linux). Once you’re done downloading, choose the files you want to save to the cloud, and Google will handle everything from there.

If for some reason you only want to back up your pictures when your device is charging, you can easily do that by tapping on the hamburger icon on the upper left-hand side when you are in “Photos -> Settings -> Back up & sync.”


This is a great feature to take advantage of if you’re on vacation and have a lot of pictures to upload. You won’t have to worry about your device dying on you. Since you’ll already be in that section, you hare the options of backing up your photos over just Wifi or Celular Network and Wifi. You can also choose the upload size and either High Quality or Original. Finally, if you ever want to switch Google accounts, you can do that here, too.

There is always going to be a picture that is going to need a fix here and there, but before you go and download a photo editing app, why don’t you try the editor Google Photo has integrated? This editor doesn’t have top notch tools, only tools that will allow you to do your basic changes.


To access the photo editor, open the picture that needs improving and tap on the pencil icon. There you can choose between tools such as Auto, Light, Color, Pop and Vignette.

Automatically backing up your pictures with the Google Photos app is really useful, but one drawback is that it only backs up the pictures you have taken with the default camera app. If what you want to do is back up pictures from other apps such as Instagram or WhatsApp, select the hamburger icon in the upper left-hand corner and select “Device Folder.”


Once inside you will see all the pictures you have in your WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. On the right side you will also see a grey cloud with a line across it. If the folder you want to back up has this grey cloud, just tap it to include it in the automatic backup.


This way you only back up the pictures you want and leave out the screenshots you don’t want anymore.

There is no doubt that Google Photos is a great tool with some great features. What Google Photo tricks do you know? Let us know in the comments.