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As great as technology is, do you ever just wish you could take a break from it, specifically from having all the information you desire at the ready? The folks behind the Vivaldi browser want to help, adding the new Break Mode, which allows you to literally pause your browser and take a break from it.

New Break Mode in Vivaldi Browser

The new Vivaldi browser version 3.3 has been announced for desktops and notebooks and brings with it Break Mode. It helps you achieve that work-life balance that has become too difficult with our increased working from home load.

Face it – it’s tough to draw that line, and not being able to “unplug” has become a top issue in this new work-from-home era. You’re not punching in and out anymore, and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in your work and not realize several hours have gone by.

Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner explains the browser has built-in tools such as Tab Tiling, Notes, visual History, full-page screen Capture, and more. And these tolls are meant to help you stay ahead. But you also need to just shut it all off occasionally, for your own health and productivity.

News Vivaldi Browser Break Unpaused

“We want to give you the tools to stay productive, but we also want to empower you to manage your time well and balance all the things that are important to you,” said Tetzchner.

This is where the Vivaldi browser Break Mode comes in — it helps you unplug. Take a break, pause the Internet, and focus on yourself, your family, your home, or just nothing at all.

At the left corner of the status bar is the new pause button that will initiate Break Mode. It can also be activated with Quick Commands or the shortcut Ctrl + .. It will mute and stop HTML5 audio and video, hide all your tabs, panels, and other content. You’ll be left with a blank screen.

After you’ve answered your kids’ questions, did some quick exercise, read a chapter in the newest bestseller, or just closed your eyes for a few minutes, you can resume your browsing activity. Go back to the exact place you left off by pressing play to unpause Break Mode. Everything pops right back up again.

News Vivaldi Browser Break Pause

Other than improving that work-life balance, you can also quickly hide private content. If you’re reading private email or looking at content you don’t want others to know about, pause it all and make your screen appear blank when someone else walks in. Also, if you want to concentrate on work in another application, pause the browser and leave it to focus on your other work.

Other Vivaldi Changes

Vivaldi is making a number of other changes to the browser as well in version 3.3. Along with the eight pre-set themes, the ability to create your own theme, and schedule themes to change at a certain time, you can now choose a private theme to better differentiate which one is private. Custom themes can be set for private windows as well.

To help differentiate a malicious website, the core part of the URL will be highlighted with the rest of it lowlighted. Additionally, the address bar allows the unique functionality of highlighted, clickable parts to the URL. They can be easily cropped with CTRL + click (Cmd/⌘ + click on macOS).

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