Tagmmer: A Visual Place for Your Files and Web Links

Tagmmer: A Visual Place For Your Files and Web Links [Review]

A while back, this little service called Tagmmer caught my attention as an interesting web-based alternative to such services as Dropbox and Puu.sh. Being a viable alternative to one of the best cloud storage/cloud sharing applications, as well as (apparently) a powerful sharing application in its own right, I was interested to see how it worked.

What It Is

Tagmmer is weird initially, but at its base it’s basically a service that lets you keep and share files and webpages. It’s intended to be both a link-sharing service and a Dropbox-like file-sharing service.


For a free cloud service, Tagmmer isn’t bad, offering 30GB of free storage to all tiers of its service. Once you’ve signed up and installed the appropriate Chrome extension, Tagmmer shows up as a button in your taskbar that you use to add various pages to your collection.


In order to add things, though, you need to seperate them into “Boards.” Boards come with names, descriptions and categories and can be set to Public or Private. Private boards can only be accessed through a direct sharing link, while Public boards can be accessed by anyone browsing Tagmmer or your profile.


When you’re adding something to a Board, you’re given the option to create boards, change title/description/icon for the content, and more. In this case, I’m adding a Reddit post to a board called “Interesting Reddit Stuff.”


Unfortunately, here is where I’ve discovered an issue with Tagmmer.

Basically, Tagmmer doesn’t directly link to content. Instead, it grabs content from the given URL and then attempts to load it in its own little container. Unfortunately for me, Reddit was broken for this, as were a few other sites I tried out.

This takes away a great amount of the utility afforded by simply having a good bookmark manager. Tagmmer is too focused on being its own platform to have any real utility for me when it breaks too many things.


Once I tired of Tagmmer’s focus on sharing bookmarks, I instead tried to use it as a Puu.sh/Dropbox substitute. I found, to my misfortune, that while it works fine for images, more advanced multimedia (such as audio or video) takes time to convert. In fact, as of writing, that content in the above image has been “converting” for two hours when it’s just a small audio recording!

What I Think

Overall, I have a mixed opinion of Tagmmer. If it weren’t trying to be its own social media platform, I’d probably like it more, but as it stands, using its own (broken) wrappers for everything just doesn’t work for me, and as a cloud storage solution, it doesn’t come anywhere close to the great utility offered by solutions like Puu.sh or Dropbox.

That being said, this is a service in its infancy, and it’s March 2016 at the time of writing.

Since it’s a new app from a small startup, it just might improve. I certainly hope it does.

Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper

I'm a longtime gamer, computer nerd, and general tech enthusiast.

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