How To Tag Movies For Your Portable Multimedia Player Easily With MetaX

MetaX Logo.jpgAre you a commuter? How much time do you spend everyday on the road between your home and your workplace? I know many commuters who allocate 3-4 hours of daily traveling time, and I think it’s safe to say that most people use up at least 1 hour of their daily precious time commuting.

The question is, how would you utilize the time? One of the possibilities is filling the boring commuting hours by watching movies or catching up with your favorite TV series on your portable multimedia player. Thanks to the gigantic capacity of storage available today, we can practically bring tons of movies inside our pocket. The classic white iPod is my wife’s best companion on the road, while I can go along just fine with my small screen smart phone.

The Cows That Tidies Up The Messy Movie Tags

Problem is, not all movie files are created the same way. Because there are many resources that you can use to get your movies; such as buying them from online store, downloading them using torrent, or ripping them from CDs/DVDs; you will also get many different tagging systems.

Most of the time, we’ll come across files that look like this: “”. Unless you are a psychic, it’s difficult to guess what’s inside. Imagine having to go through those gibberish on the small screen every time we want to find a movie to watch. Life would be so much easier if all the movies are properly tagged.

We’ve discussed the topic of tidying song tags using Tagr, and similar process could also be applied to movies using an app called MetaX. This free app is available for Windows and Mac, and it will help you tidy the tags in a snap. Literary.

The first time of running MetaX, the app will give you several confirmation windows. Starting from the familiar checking for updates question, continued to the question of whether or not you want to search for tag data automatically, the offer of Enabling integration with, and reminder about the importance of making backups of your data.

MetaX - Automatic Search For Tag

Then you’ll have the main window of MetaX before your very eyes.

MetaX - Main Window

Going Through The Preferences

As always, it’s good to start “messing around” with any app from the Preferences (Command + Comma). The first one is “General Preferences” where you can modify the general settings.

MetaX General Preferences

The “File Level Preferences” deals with type of incoming files and their name tagging.

metax File Level Preferences

The “Data Preferences” gives you options of sources to get the data. There’s an option to get and share data with tagChimp.

metax Data Preferences.jpg

While you’re not required to have tagChimp account to get data from the service, you need an account to be able to share. If you want to do so, just register yourself for an account in their website.

metax tagChimp

The last one is “iTunes Preferences” and it is fairly simple.

metax iTunes Preferences

Start The Tagging Process

To give tags to a movie, you have to open it in MetaX. If you choose to get prompted in the “File Level Preferences“, a confirmation window will pop up asking you what kind of movie that you open.

MetaX - What Video

Then the opened movie will sit on the “Search” pane while MetaX doing the data searching. Most of the time, you will get the results within seconds.

Just browse through the choices and pick the best result.

metax Browse the search result

The related tags of the selected result will be presented in the middle pane.

metax Properly tagged.jpg

If the everything is satisfying, double click the selected result in the search pane and the tags will be locked to the file. Locked tags have checkmark on the box next to it.

You can also add and/or edit the tags manually. And if you don’t want your manual tags modified by the search result, just lock the tag.

You can modify more data about the movie by going to the “Video” tab.

metax Video Tab

Unless you want to be very detailed about the tags, you don’t need to mess with other tabs.

You can add more movies, and the list will be presented in the “Queue” pane on the right.

metax Queue

Repeat the process for other files in the queue, and if everything is set, you can click the “Wirte & Share” button at the toolbar. If you choose “Send to iTunes after writing” in the “iTunes Preferences“, your tagged movies will appear in iTunes, ready to be transported to your iPod.

metax Write and Share.jpg

Please note that MetaX only works with MP4 movies. That’s why it’s a perfect tool to tag movies for your portable multimedia player since MP4 is the accepted format among such devices. Use Handbrake to convert other movie formats to this mobile-friendly format

Have you tried MetaX? Do you know other alternatives to free movie tagging applications? Share your thoughts and opinions using the comment below.

Jeffry Thurana
Jeffry Thurana

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