Tablet Remote: Remote Control Your Android Tablet With Your Android Phone

Let’s imagine the situation: You have an Android tablet and you love to connect it to your big HDTV so you can watch your favorite movie (or play Angry Birds) in big screen. Right after you have set the movie playing, you sit back and enjoy your movie, only to find that the volume is too soft. So you move yourself off the couch and walk to the tablet to adjust the volume. You return to the couch and remembered that you forgot to turn on the subtitle, so you walk back again to enable it. Does that sound very troublesome for you? Well, if you have an Android phone (or another Android device), you can now get it to remote control your tablet and saves you the effort to walk to and forth the couch and the tablet.

Tablet Remote is a free Android app that allows you to remote control your tablet from your phone. The usage is good and simple, even though the functionality is rather limited for now.

1. Install the Tablet Remote app on both the tablet and phone.

2. On your tablet (or the device that you wish to control), run the tablet remote app and go to Setup.


Select the two settings: “Enable Tablet Remote in the settings” and “Change the input method for tablet remote”.


It will bring you to the Settings page. You will have to change the keyboard setting to “Tablet Remote”


3. Next, turn on your tablet bluetooth and pair it with your phone.

On your phone,

1. Turn on the bluetooth and pair it with the tablet. Run the Tablet Remote app and go to the Connection page.


Click on the tablet device to connect to it. Once you see the connected icon, you are ready to control your tablet from your phone.

This is what you will see at the remote control page.


There are a few things you can do with this remote. You can access the Home screen, Menu option, issue the Back command and perform a search. You can also Play, Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind the current video or music. At the two sides are the Volume and Brightness control.

If you put your phone in landscape mode, the remote control will turn into a gamepad where you can use it to play game on your tablet. However, this seems to work only for games that support key input with the gamepad.


The navigation (left, right, up, down and Enter button) is rather filmsy at the moment and it is always a hit or miss when trying to launch an app. However, if you are only using this to control the video playback, volume and brightness, it is a good app to use.

Tablet Remote (market link)


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