Tabbloid: Convert Rss Feeds into PDF Newsletters and get them as Email

We all consume content using Rss feeds but some of you may still prefer email newsletters. The boring thing about email newsletters is that you cannot really save a particular article in your hard disk for future reference. You have to open a word document, copy all the text, download the images and then place them again in a word document. This process can be really tiring and if you want a much simpler option, Tabbloid can be useful.

Tabbloid let’s you create a pdf newsletter from a group of Rss feeds of your choice. It’s way simple and you don’t have to be a geek to get started. You choose one or more feeds, give them your email address, set the time you want to receive the newsletter and forget the issue. Tabbloid will pick the latest articles from the feeds and will merge them into a singe pdf document. You will receive the document in your email inbox at your preferred time.

How to set up your own Tabbloid

1. To get started with creating your own Tabbloid, you do not need to register or set up an account. Just open the Tabbloid Homepage and click to get started.


2. In the next page, choose the Rss feed url and enter it. Here we are using the Maketecheasier Feed as an example.


They also provide you with some sample subscriptions like technology,business,politics etc which you can subscribe to but i would prefer subscribing to MakeTechEasier to get an idea how things work inside Tabbloid when you subscribe to an individual site or a group of sites.

3. As soon as you paste the feed url the site will present a confirmatory message asking you whether you really want to subscribe or not. Just hit the big Yes button to subscribe to the feed and add your preferred feed in Tabbloid list.


4. In the right hand pane you can see the list of feeds you have subscribed to. You can remove a feed from the pane and add another one at any time.


5. Now you need to set up the email details and delivery options.


As you can see, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Enter your email address where you would like to get your Tabbloid, set the day and time save the delivery options. You can set a daily or a weekly delivery of your pdf newsletter.As i am a web addict and check my email daily so i would love to get the newsletter daily.

As soon as you save the options a confirmatory email would be sent at your given email address.


Now that you have confirmed your email address, it’s time to actually preview the pdf newsletter by clicking the “Generate Sample issue now” button. A Tabbloid of the rss feed will open as pdf inside your browser.

Here is how the Maketecheasier Tabbloid looks


You can view the complete Tabbloid sample here

The daily email you receive as part of the newsletter will contain all the contents of the recently published articles in the feeds you have subscribed. Along with the email, you will have an attachment which will contain the pdf.

You can subscribe to multiple feeds and get a compact newsletter if you want. All in all, it’s a very handy way to get all the blog updates as pdf documents delivered straight in your inbox, daily.

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