How to Add the System UI Tuner in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

How to Add System UI Tuner in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

When Android 6.0 Marshmallow was announced we were all very excited and wanted to know everything the new version had to offer. It was probably going to be a while before we would get Android 6.0 on our devices, but we wanted to know what features we were going to enjoy in the future.

It was great to read about Google Now on Tap, Case-by-Case App Permission, Fingerprint Support, Doze, USB Type-C and other great features. It may have taken us a while to take in all the new features Marshmallow is going to bring us, but now we have to also make room for the hidden options we are going to find.

By unlocking the system UI tuner, you are going to be able to tweak the interface and set things up the way you want.

1. The first stemp is to enable developer options.


2. Swipe down twice from the top of your display, and you should now have access to the Quick Settings Panel.

3. Press and hold the Settings icon on the top of the screen for about 5 seconds. After letting go, you should see a message saying that the System UI Tuner has been added to Settings.


4. Scroll down just a tad in Settings, and you will see the System UI Tuner. Tap on that, and you will get a message saying that these settings are experimental and hidden for a reason but that they already work perfectly fine. Tap on “Got It,” and go to where the fun is.


Quick Settings

If you access the Quick Settings option, you can reorder, add and change your quick settings tiles. You can erase the ones you find useless or arrange them so the ones you use most are closest to the fingers of the hand you regularly use to use your phone.


Status Bar

By accessing the Staus Bar option, you can remove any status bar icon you don’t need anymore. Just unselect the icon for the option, and you won’t see it anymore.


Another cool feature you will be able to add is the battery level percentage inside the status bar icon when you are not charging your phone. This way you know exactly how much battery you have left.



If you don’t have Android 6.0 Marshmallow just yet, be patient. There are still a lot of users waiting on Android Lollipop who might have to wait even longer for Android 6.0. But when it actually comes, it is going to be worth the wait. If you liked the info, don’t forget to give it a share, and let us know if you are looking forward to using Marshmallow in the comments below.

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