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syn-google-cal.jpgIf you are searching for ways to synchronize your desktop calendar to Google Calendar, then the open-source GCALDaemon could be the answer.

GCALDaemon is an OS-independent Java program that offers two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and various iCalendar compatible calendar applications. GCALDaemon is primarily designed as a calendar synchronizer but it can also be used as a Gmail notifier, Address Book importer, Gmail terminal and RSS feed converter. (GCALDaemon is not known to work with Outlook. You may want to use Remote Calendar to sync your Outlook with Google Cal)

To get GCALDaemon working, you will need to have Java runtime installed in your system.

Download GCALDaemon from

Installing GCALDaemon

Configuring GCALDaemon

The configuration guide is mainly command based and usually require you to edit the configuration file. An easier way is to run the graphical config-editor.

The tutorial below will show you how to configure Kontact Calendar to sync with Google Calendar with a graphical interface. (The graphical interface is similar in all platform. You can also use the same way to configure your iCal, Evolution or Rainlendar)

Open your Kontact – Calendar. At the bottom, click “Add” to create a new calendar.

Kontact add new calendar1

Select “Calendar in Local File”. Click OK
Kontact add new calendar2

Name it Google Cal. Leave the Location field blank. Make sure that the iCalender format is selected. Click OK.


It will now assign you a file path to the ical file. Copy the file path to the clipboard.


Now, in your terminal, type


or you can navigate to your /usr/local/sbin/GCALDaemon/bin folder and run the file. (The file path to GCALDaemon varies depending on the operating system you are using. The above file path is for Kubuntu)

GCALDaemon Conf editor (Click to open)

On the left, click on the File synchronizer

Now, activate the “enable file based calendar synchronizer” and “Enable dial up connection and/or PDA synchronizer [offline enabled mode]

Click on “New” button to set up a new account.

On the window that pop up, click on the “Google account” button. Select “New Account” Enter your Gmail address, password and password confirmation. Click OK.


Next, in your browser, login to your Google calendar and select “Setting” from the top right hand corner.


Copy the iCal URL for your calendar’s Private Address on the Calendar Settings page.

Return to the Conf-editor, paste the url to the Google calendar field. In the iCal File field, paste the .ics filepath you copy from your kontact just now.

Click Ok.

Save the configuration (File-> Save) and exit.

Restart the Daemon

In the terminal, type


This will restart the Daemon. If you want the Daemon to sync immediately, type


Back in the /usr/local/sbin folder, click on the file and select RUN. This will restart the Daemon.

Restart Kontact. It should now be in sync with Google Calendar.

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  1. Hi,
    Excellent instructions.
    It is the third HowTo I follow, and this is the best one.
    Thus I have the same issue.
    Korganizer duplicate events. It doesn’t “merge” the events.
    Add the different ones as well as the events I have already synchronized manually.
    Any thoughts?

    thanks in advance

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