How To Sync ITunes To An Android Device

iSyncrLite-bannerPeople have a hard time switching from services they are used to. I have met people who have switched wireless carriers and phones to an iOS device simply because they wanted to keep usingĀ iTunes for their music player. Before changing to a whole new device just for the sake of syncing with iTunes, take a look at the options below. You might save yourself a lot of time and money.

iSyncr Lite

iSyncr Lite is an extremely powerful free application to sync music between iTunes and Android devices. While it’s easy enough to take music from one source and move it to the other, iSyncr Lite adds the convenience by syncing playlists for starters. Most people put a lot of time and effort into constructing their playlists. Many times you have a playlist for work, working out, driving, maybe cleaning the house or even a yoga playlist. So syncing these iTunes playlists is a great start to making your Android phone feel more like an iPod.


Some of the added functions you get with iSyncr Lite are the ability to sync MP3s downloaded on your Android phone back to iTunes, sync videos and podcasts to your phone, sync with multiple iTunes libraries and even the option to choose the phone’s internal or external memory as the location to sync your music.


iSyncr Lite has some limitations though. The limitations to the lite version are only syncing one playlist at a time, a limited number of items per playlist and play count for smart playlist don’t sync. These limitations can be eliminated by upgrading to the paid version.

Other applications can be used in conjunction with iSyncr Lite. Rocket Player Premium will help create a two-way sync for podcast bookmarks as well as better handling of playlists.

iSyncr Lite

doubleTwist player

doubleTwist Player is a pretty cool music player with the ability to sync to iTunes. Many of the same functions listed for iSyncr Lite are also applicable with doubleTwist Player. A cool feature doubleTwist Player has built-in to this free player, is syncing over Wi-Fi. Not having to connect the phone to the computer to sync your iTunes music definitely make it a more pleasant process.


The guys who make doubleTwist Player also make applications that piggyback off of doubleTwist Player. For example, doubleTwist Alarm Clock is a paid application that’s a standalone alarm clock or, teamed up with doubleTwist Player lets you wake up to a specific synced iTunes playlist.

doubleTwist Player

Final thoughts

When you put a lot of time and effort into iTunes or have purchased a lot of music from the iTunes Store, it’s not always the easiest decision to change to a totally different media player. With the apps above, you can have the best of both worlds – own an Android phone or tablet and still use your iTunes playlists and the libraries.

How do you sync the music stored on your computer with your Android phone?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

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