3 Apps That Sync iOS Contacts to Android

5 Apps That Sync iOS and Android Contacts

5 Apps That Sync iOS and Android ContactsSyncing and transferring hundreds or thousands of contacts from an iOS device to an Android-powered device can be done in a jiffy with tons of apps in Google Play Store. Whether you’re switching to Android or would like to sync and keep them in both devices, you can check out these three apps to make your mobile life easier. Some of them have additional features beyond the sync-and-transfer such as backup, restore, and storage. FYI, installing these apps means you give them the access to your identity, contacts, device and app history, SMS, other media and files; do it at your own risk if you don’t mind while clicking the “Accept” button prior to installation.

Sync for iCloud Contacts

Sync for iCloud Contacts Android app

One of the easiest ways to sync and transfer your contacts to an Android device is the Sync for iCloud Contacts app which doesn’t require you to register or create a new account but rather the iCloud credentials (username and password), and it will make a query to the server after a few seconds. A successful sign-in will bring you to the next screen that will ask which collections shall be synchronized. Simply select the Address book.

Useful feature: Under the Settings tab, the synchronization option allows you to choose the time interval and the immediate changes in the smartphone. I find it easy to use, but it requires a solid Internet connection as well.

iCloud Contacts Sync

iCloud Contacts Sync Android app

This iCloud Contacts Sync app works the same way as the previous one, and it requires you to log in with your iCloud credentials as well; it will also ask you to set the interval of the syncing, whether it’s every two hours or twenty-four hours. A separate app is also available for Calendar sync. Sometimes the app kicks you out automatically, so you need to log in again. Perhaps it’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

Useful feature: straightforward login and syncing feature will ask you promptly for the time interval.

Contacts Transfer Backup Sync – Intouch App

Contacts Transfer Backup Sync - Intouch Android App

This app works by syncing all your contacts to its server. So to sync your contacts from iOS to Android, you have to install both the iOS and Android app. The iOS app will allow you to sync your contacts to the server, and the Android app will then sync it from the cloud to your phone. Other than contacts syncing, it also supports backup, restore, and other additional in-app functionalities like storage. Once you are registered, a splash screen will ask you to sync all contacts. When you click Continue, it will automatically back up the existing contacts to the server.

Useful feature: It has its own in-app phonebook feature and syncs contacts to the server. You can create and share your own digital card. It features a swipe right gesture to share it. So if you have Android and iOS devices, you can simply transfer between them using the account you’re using since the app is available in both platforms.

Bonus for Samsung Users: Samsung Switch

Samsung Switch Android app

In an attempt to snatch the market share from Apple, it is no surprise that Samsung has come out with an app for you to easily move your stuff over. If you want to switch from iOS to a Samsung device, the Samsung Switch gives you the liberty to transfer not just contacts, but all your media files. If you’re an Android user, you can transfer the contacts via wireless device-to-device transfer, while iOS owners can transfer files from their device to the Samsung phones and import from the iCloud. You just need to log in with your credentials, and from there you can check the boxes (e.g. Contacts, Calendar, Memo, Call logs, etc.) you wish to sync.

Useful feature: Simple UI, easy to use and you don’t have to plug in your device via USB and use the Kies to transfer files and contacts. However, the loading data from the iCloud may take a while. I suggest you start syncing the Contacts first and then move on to the others.


The above list are some of the apps that you can use to sync contacts from iOS to Android. Some of them work only one way (from iOS to Android), while others come with a bi-directional sync. Of course, this is not a definitive list. Let us know the app you use to sync data between phones if it is not in the list above.

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