How to Sync Clipboard Between Android and PC

Syncing the clipboard between your Android device and PC is extremely convenient. You’re able to copy text from one device and paste it onto another for easier access.

By simply long-pressing (after copying text from your computer) on your Android device, you can paste everything you copied on your computer. This is especially useful when what you need to copy is a lot. The following tools can help you out and are both free.

Sync Android’s and PC’s Clipboard with Clipbrd

Clipbrd, while not very popular on Google Play, does a great job of syncing you Android and PC’s clipboard. The setup is easy and fast, so you’re up and running in no time. You will need to be using Google Chrome on your PC, though.

Whether it’s the Chrome extension or the Android app, it doesn’t matter which one you install first. If you start with the Chrome extension, create an account by adding a user name and password.


Once that’s set up, install the Android app and use the same credentials you used to sign in to the Chrome extension. The sync button should be on by default, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure. If it’s off, just tap on it.

To test it out, copy some text on your computer, and you should automatically get a notice on your Android device. When you do, you’re ready to paste your text.

This app doesn’t have a section where your copied text will appear, so you’re going to need to have a clipboard app installed. A free clipboard app you can try is Clipper. After copying some text, it automatically appears on the app without any issues.


Scatter works great on your Windows computer and on your Android device. It has an easy setup, and it starts to work immediately after installing Scatter on your Android device and computer.

Install Scatter on your Windows computer and then on your Android device. If you install it first on your Windows computer, you’ll need to create an account. When you install the Android app, make sure to use the same username and password. Make sure also to use the “Create Account” option and not the “Sign In” one.


The app should confirm that an account with those credentials has already been created.

There is a space history limit of 6.4GB, and the app will display how much space you have left with each paste. Every text, image, or link you copy will automatically appear on the Scatter Android app.

You can quickly erase whatever data you don’t need anymore by tapping on the empty box to the left and selecting the trash bin. After choosing a file, you’ll also see options to move it to another folder or share it with friends.


Syncing the clipboard between your Android and Windows computer isn’t as complicated as it may seem. These two apps are free and beginner-friendly. Which app are you going to try first? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Simplenote… works everywhere. Nvpy for a decent Linux Desktop client. Standard Notes for security but not as flexible running on as many OSes (32bit linux, etc).

    These are not auto-clipboard apps but they do work nearly as well.

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