How to Sync Android’s SD Card With Dropbox

Dropbox for Android is easily one of our favorite mobile app. It allows you to download and view your files in your Dropbox folder and also upload files to the server. It is best suited for people (like us) who like to work on the move. If there is anything that we are unsatisfied with, it have to be the inability to sync your local files (in SD card) back to the server.

When you open a file from your Dropbox folder in Android, the file will be downloaded to your SD card and you can then view/edit the file with a file manager. However, after you have made changes to the file, the Dropbox app does not automatically sync it back to the server. The only solution is to manually upload the file. This is definitely not a good solution.

A good solution to overcome this is to use DropSpace, another app to do the stuff that Dropbox suppose to do, but didn’t. DropSpace allows you to create a link between a folder in your SD card and a sub-directory in Dropbox. Once the link is created, it will auto sync the files from/to your Dropbox.

Download DropSpace from the market (it’s free)

Connect your Dropbox account to DropSpace.


Tap the “Manage Sync List” button to set up the sync.


Navigate to the directory on your SD card that you want to link and long tap on it to add to the sync list.


Next, it will show your Dropbox folder and you can do the same thing (long tap on the folder) to complete the sync configuration.

Lastly, go back to its main screen and tap the “Sync Now” to start the sync.


By default, you have to manually tap the “Sync Now” button everytime you want it to perform a sync. However, you can set it as a service and get it to run at a regular interval. You can also configure whether to remove the remote files when the local files are deleted.


Syncing notes to Dropbox

If all you want is to create notes on your Android phone and have them synced to your Dropbox, Epistle is one such app that allows you to do so. With Epistle, you can create simple notes and it will automatically synced to the Epistle folder in Dropbox. I have found this to be extremely handy, especially when I need to jot down some ideas while on the move.


Epistle also supports two-way sync. That means, if you create a text file on your desktop and drop it into the Dropbox Epistle folder, it will show up in your Android phone as well.

Until the Dropbox team implements the synchronization feature in their mobile apps, we will have to make use of the above mentioned apps to get things done. They might not be the most feature-complete app, but they get the jobs done.

What you say, Dropbox? Will you ever implement the synchronization feature to your mobile app? We are waiting…


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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