iPhone 7 Made Easier with Syllable Wireless Sports Earbuds Review

Apple made some people very frustrated when they eliminated the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. However, there are many workarounds to this, and one of those workarounds is using Bluetooth headphones. This idea really appeals to me because I really hate the cord getting in the way when I’m tethered to the phone. My new iPhone 7 was in the first batch delivered, making it the perfect time to try a Bluetooth set.

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I tried the Syllable D700-2017 Wireless Sports Earbuds. While I don’t listen to music when I’m working out, I would like to be able to listen to music when I’m on the go doing other things around my home, so I thought these could work out really well.


These Bluetooth headphones ship with the actual earbuds, a USB to micro USB charging cord, different sizes of rubber coverings for the earbuds, and a short sheet of instructions.


The first order of business is to charge the earbuds. For this you need to plug the micro USB end of the charging cord into the charging port on the earbuds. This is found on the multi-functional rectangular box just off the middle of the earbuds. Slide the little covering off on the end of it, and the port is hidden underneath. Plug the USB end into any USB charging port, and a red light will appear to show it’s in charging mode. The instructions say that it will take ninety minutes to two hours, and that’s very close to what it actually took. The red light will turn off when it is finished.


After this you need to pair the earbuds with your wireless device. I paired these with both my iPad and my iPhone. Use the Bluetooth function on your wireless device the same way you would pair any device through Bluetooth. To get the earbuds into pairing mode, hold down the middle button (MF) on the multi-functional box until blue and red lights blink alternately.

Using the Earbuds

The earbuds are now paired and “on” at this point. Choosing to play music or a video on your phone should activate the sound through the earbuds.

All functions of the wireless earbuds are initiated through the three buttons on the multi-functional box. The top and bottom buttons when pushed normally operate the volume. When used with a longer press, it activates forward and backward through the tracks.


The MF button has many functions. Turn the set on by doing a long push of the MF button. You will hear a chime. Alternate between Play and Pause by pushing the button once. Turn if off by doing a long press until the red light goes out and you hear the chime again. I found because the same button operates all these functions that I sometimes had to initiate it a few times to get what I wanted. When the battery is running out it will start chiming and will get faster and faster until it shuts off completely.

When you receive a phone call, you will hear a voice message. Press the MF button once to answer the call and twice to reject it. You can hang up the call by pressing the MF button one more time. You may also do these same functions on your phone the way you normally would.

Notes for Use


There were a few things I noticed while using the headset. It ships with the medium-sized rubber coverings for the earbuds. There are also smaller and larger ones. I have a small head and small features, so using the medium sized ones hurt my ears. Once I switched to the smaller ones, it was not a perfect fit, including the part that goes around my ears, but did not hurt my ears at all. I’m used to not having things fit on my face or around my ears. Although it wasn’t perfect, it didn’t cause much of a problem. I just had to adjust them sometimes to make sure they didn’t pop off.


While I didn’t use them for sports, I did wear them on the move around the house, and even did my complete morning routine of dressing, bushing my teeth, washing my face, drying my hair, etc while wearing them. I found I could travel a decent distance away from whichever mobile device I was using and still get great quality of sound. They only time the sound went out or became spotty was when my iPad was upstairs, and I went downstairs and to the other end of the house.

While the charge on these earbuds is supposed to last four or five hours, I found that the only time I used them until they were dead, it was instead between three-and-a-half and four hours. It didn’t cause much of a problem, however, as I was normally using them for just a few hours at a time, and I would just charge them up again after each use.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Syllable D700-2017 Wireless Sports Earbuds do what they’re supposed to do. They operate via Bluetooth and stay on your ears during activity. While the multi-functional buttons can be a bit confusing, these headphones aren’t necessarily meant for complicated audio listening. They’re meant for use during sports, and they hold up during activities really well. They do what they are required to do really well.

Syllable D700-2017 Wireless Sports Earbuds

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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