How to Switch to a 24-Hour Clock on Android

Android Date Time Clock

Your Android clock has many options and features to give you the best timekeeping experience that ordinary clocks and watches simply cannot offer. One such feature is the option to switch to a 24-hour clock instead of the standard AM-PM configuration. Here are the steps to switch to a 24-hour clock on Android.

Switching the Time Format

On your Android phone, scroll over to the Settings icon on your home page screen and tap on it to open the settings page.

Android Date And Time Settings

Scroll down the list of options on this page until you get to the section titled “System.” Tap on this section to bring up a list of options relating to the manner in which the phone’s general information is used to interact with users, including changing the language, accessibility, and backup options.

Android Date And Time Option

Once again, scroll down until you get to the “Date & Time” section. Clicking on this section will bring up a fresh list of options relating to how time is represented on your phone.

Android Date And Time Settings (1)

Scroll down until you see the “Use 24-hour format” option. Toggle on the button next to it by clicking on it so that the button turns blue.

Your phone will now show the time in the 24-hour format instead of AM and PM. If you wish to change back to the original time format, simply toggle off the button next to “Use 24-hour format,” and the phone clock will automatically revert back to showing the time in AM and PM.

Note: different phone models might have kept the Date & Time option in different places on the settings page. If you can’t find it in the place we mentioned, you can simply type out the name of the option in the search bar that most modern android phones come equipped with to locate it.

Difference Between the Two Formats

At this point, you might be wondering what sets the two time-keeping formats apart from each other. Here is the basic difference between the two:

AM and PM: The day is split into two parts, morning and night. The time is measured using only the digits 1 to 12. Morning time is indicated by AM, while night time is indicated by PM.

24-hour: Also known as military time. The full-day is set to a 24-hour cycle, and time is measured using digits 0 to 24. After 12:59 in the afternoon, the time is measured by adding 12:00 to every number on the clock. So 01:00 in the afternoon becomes 13:00, 02:00 becomes 14:00, 03:00 becomes 15:00, etc.

The reason why many people prefer the military time format is because it avoids confusion between AM and PM, so you don’t accidentally read the wrong time for an appointment.


Telling time accurately is one of the most basic parts of living in modern society that we often overlook until we accidentally read the time wrong and are too late or too early for an appointment. The majority of Internet users now use their phones to keep track of time rather than clocks or watches, which is why it is important that we use the format of timekeeping on our phones that we are most comfortable with, whether that is the AM and PM format or the 24-hour format.


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