The Supersized Creative Mac Bundle

Macs have been known for quite some time to be “the” operating system for creating, whether it’s graphic design, photos, writing, or what have you. And that’s what makes this bundle just that more special. The Supersized Creative Mac Bundle
has absolutely everything you need to fulfill your creativity. These fifteen apps will help you write, do 3D modeling, edit photos and videos, create slideshows, design layouts, organize your thoughts, and design websites. They will help you with your creativity both in your professional and your private lives.

The following fifteen Mac apps are in this supersized bundle.

Storyist for Mac – This is the only writing platform designed for fiction writers and optimized as a wordpressorfor both desktop and mobile users. A $59 value.

Silo 2 – Design 3D architecture, create video game characters, animate a movie, and do just about any professional animation with this app. A $159 value.

Aurora HDR – Start with just a single photo and turn it into stunning HDR with this software that won awards for Apple’s Editors Choice and Best of Mac App Store. A $40 value.

PhotoZoom Classic 7 – Enlarge any photo you choose to a any desired size without sacrificing qualify and by keeping all the crystal-clear details of the original. A $69 value.

Roxio Toast Express – This multi-function software allows you to easily capture your screen, burn digital media, and edit videos seemlessly. A $49 value.


FaceFilter 3 Pro – Perfect the faces in your images with natural skin smoothing and blemish-removal tools to make your photos magazine-cover-ready. A $79.95 value.

FotoMagico 5 – Use your own photos, videos, music, and text to create gorgeous slideshows that can be presented live or exported to high-resolution video. A $49.99 value.

Printworks – Create layouts for brochures, business cards, calendars, and more by either customizing one of hundreds of templates or creating your own design. A $39.99 value.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac – Don’t limit yourself to the basic editing of a Mac – make automatic quality improvements and smart selection options to edit photos easily. A $29.95 value.

MyBrushes for Mac – This professional-grade perspective painting tool has 100 brushes and is so close to a real experience, it will make you forget you’re designing on a Mac. A $29.99 value.


Scrapple – Easily record and find connections between your ideas with this mindmapping tool whether you’re working on a business venture, blog, or tech project. A $14.99 value.

Squash 2 Many times when creating for the Web you need to compress and optimize your images, and with this software you can keep the quality, wihout them becoming grainy or blurred. A $19.99 value.

Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography – There is so much to know with photography, and this encyclopedic course will teach you everything you need to learn whether you’re using an iPhone or DSLR. A $297 value.

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp – This video production course covers the basics as well as advanced shooting and lighting and will help everyone make professional videos no matter the budget. A $299 value.

Introduction to Web Design – An in-depth course on HTML, CSS, and more, this course will teach you the ins and outs of web design layout, styling, and debugging. A $199 value.

Get this entire fifteen-course bundle at 97% off for an incredible $29.

The Supersized Creative Mac Bundle