What You Need to Know About Super Mario Run on iPhone

It has been a great month for Nintendo. After Nintendo’s release of the NES Classic Edition, Super Mario Run will be releasing on December 15th 2016. The game will be Nintendo’s debut on iOS. Make no mistake, it will be a substantial marker in the history of mobile gaming. Super Mario Run is a familiar game of stomping goombas and saving the princess – just on new territory. But, what is included?

The Price


You can sign up to be notified of the release right now on the App Store, and the app will be free to download. You’ll be able to play the first five stages for free, but for the full experience, you’ll be asked to pay a one-time fee of $9.99. This price is substantially less than popular Mario titles on Nintendo’s other consoles, so it really can’t be beat.

The Controls


Unlike previous Mario games, in Super Mario Run Mario runs automatically and endlessly until the end of a stage. The levels are a quicker take on typical courses, making the game optimized for a mobile experience. You’ll face the usual baddies and explore terrains, but this time around you must jump and stomp while in constant motion. Also, some actions will happen automatically without user input to help progress the story.

Super Mario Run is just like the classic Mario games but simplified and meant to be played by the moment, not necessarily hours on end. In this case Mario is controlled by a series of taps and swipes, all done easily with one hand.

The Visuals


The game as a whole looks great and fluid even on anĀ iPad. The color palette is nice, and the level of care in the visuals is something rarely seen in a game for iOS. Across multiple stages there is always something new to look at, which keeps the whole experience fresh. However, since the game is fairly graphic-intensive, it is likely to use up a lot of battery power. That is just something to keep in mind.

Internet Connection Is Required

Super Mario Run will require an internet connection to play, and for many this won’t be a problem. Rarely are there times where a user will be out of 3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi range. But if you were planning on playing on a plane, for instance, you’ll need to pony up for that expensive on-board WiFi. Nintendo claims that this restriction is to combat cheating and piracy. While many people are upset with this issue, it likely won’t damage the game’s impending success. Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Pokemon GO, and games of the like have all seen great success. Every one of them requires an Internet connection to play.


What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s new game? Do you think it will spike purchases of Nintendo’s other titles? With as much hype as there has been from Nintendo and Apple and the roaring excitement of fanbases across the net, the launch of Super Mario Run is sure to be quite the event. You can swing by your local Apple store now to get your hands on a demo of the game now before the official release on the 15th of December.

Corbin Telligman
Corbin Telligman

I'm a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.

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