SUMO Paint: An Online Clone Of Adobe Photoshop

Even though Adobe Photoshop is the standard for creating professional image, not everyone can afford or want to pay the high pay for it. If you are looking for a free online alternative to Photoshop, then SUMO Paint is the best that you can get.

Sumo Paint is a free online image editor that looks like a complete clone of Adobe Photoshop. It is built with Adobe Flex and run completely from your browser. For those who are worrying that this application will take up tons of memory, I have tested it and found that it is stable, loads fairly fast and only takes up a fraction of my memory usage.

The impression you get when you first load up SUMO Paint is its Photoshop lookalike interface. Seasoned Photoshop user will find the floating toolbar, palettes and color bars far too familiar.

Unlike other online editors that focused mostly on image editing, SUMO Paint provides you with the necessary tools to create a professional image. You can find the Ink, Pencil tools for you to do your drawing (no Pen tool), custom shapes for vector work and add multiple layers for various effects. There is also a variety of brushes and filters effects that you can use.

sumo-paint brushes

To load an image in SUMO Paint, you can either upload the image from your computer, or simply grab an online image with its URL. Alternatively, you can create a SUMO account and load your image from there. Once you have finished your editing, you can download it to your computer in jpg/png format or save to your SUMO account for future re-editing. There is no social sharing feature here, but you can set the image that you save in your SUMO account to be available for public viewing.

When compared to Photoshop, there are still many features clearly lacking in SUMO Paint, but if you are looking for a free editor that gives you a good set of editing tool with easy to use Photoshop-like interface, SUMO Paint is definitely the one to go for.


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