Summify: Gather and Share Trending Articles From Your Feeds and Networks

Most of you have accounts on Facebook as well as Twitter. You use these accounts to stay in touch with friends and learn what your favorite celebrities are up to. And then you have an additional account on Google Reader to stay up-to-date on what your favorite websites have to offer. Logging into these accounts separately daily and checking out their material can be a time-consuming process – partly because you are jumping from site to site and partly because there is a lot of content to view every day.

But thanks to Summify the process is made much easier by providing you with all the material under a single interface.


Summify is a free to use web service that integrates Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader. The site lets you connect accounts from these services to your Summify account. Data from these accounts is then gathered and displayed in a reader-friendly interface that lets you not only read articles but also share them with friends. Only the best and trending stories are displayed, saving your reading space and time.


To start using the service, the first step you need to perform is registering for an account on Summify. All this step requires you to do is enter an email address and a password. In the same step, you need to connect at least one account from Google Reader, Twitter, or Facebook to your Summify account. You get the options to follow Summify on Twitter and subscribe to the site’s blog. Connected accounts are indicated right above the “Create my account button.” When you have connected the accounts, click on this button.


After you signup, you will be asked to add additional accounts or configure how your articles summary.


Clicking on the “Configure your summary” link will take you to the “Summary” tab in Summify’s settings. Here you can specify the frequency of story updates and the number of stories you receive with each update.


In the Feeds tab on the left, you can view the feeds that you have subscribed to. You can delete feeds from here or export them an OMPL file if you want to add them to some other RSS reader.


The settings page can be accessed any time later by clicking on the Settings link in the top right of your Summify interface.


After you have finished signing up, your Summify news feed will take a while to build. This time will range between 2-3 hours. Once the news feed is built, you will see the interesting trending articles gathered from your Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.


You can keep scrolling down to view more stories. Share buttons at the bottom let you quickly share a story on Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on a story takes to its official URL where you can read its full version.



Summify is a very helpful solution to the time-consuming practice of separately checking into Google Reader, Twitter, and Facebook for interesting articles. Not only does it gather the trending articles from your feeds for you, but it also let you easily share them with your friends. This service is definitely worth looking into.

Visit Summify by clicking here.


Hammad is a Business student and computer geek who cover latest technology news and reviews at AppsDaily. Apart from that, I like to review web services and softwares which can be helpful for the readers.

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