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The age of cloud gaming is upon us, and PlayStation 4 owners have been wanting their own shot at streaming to their smartphones and tablets. Finally, in March, 2019, Sony answered the call and officially released “PS4 Remote Play,” bringing the power of the PS4 to Android, iOS, PC and Mac devices. That you can play some of your favorite games and easily switch between supported devices is nothing short of pure heaven for PS4 owners. What makes this news even better? It is incredibly easy to set up. Here’s how.

What You Need

Obviously, you need a PlayStation 4 console. It can be a day one unit or one of the latest slim model releases. Both the PS4 and PS4 Pro are supported as long as you have the most recent software. Next, ensure you have an iOS device using iOS 12.1 or later. In terms of actual iOS device support, the iPhone 7 and newer are approved, as are any iPad devices beginning with the sixth-generation iPad and later. This includes the newest iPad Pros, iPad Air 3, and iPad Mini 5.

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The single most important aspect of everything here is a solid broadband connection. There is no mistaking the importance of this. If you do not have a strong Wi-Fi connection, you are likely to have a poor and choppy gaming experience.

Set Up iOS Device

Setting up your iOS device is incredibly easy and begins with downloading the PS4 Remote Play app from the App Store. Once that is installed and both the PS4 and iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network, follow the rest of these steps:

1. Turn on your PS4 and log into your account. It is at this point that you should also ensure your hardware is running the latest software. You can check that by going to “Settings > System Software Update.”

Stream Ps4 Games Ios Devices System Update

2. Open the Remote Play app and head to Settings. When prompted, log into your PlayStation Network account, and then go back to the main screen and hit the Start button. The app will now look for and attempt to locate your PS4 console.

Stream Ps4 Games Ios Devices App

3. Once the app finds your console, just follow the rest of the onscreen directions.

Setting Up PlayStation 4

If for some reason your Remote Play app does not locate your console, do not panic. There is an alternative connection process.

1. Before you begin, double-check again to make sure the PS4 console is using software version 6.50 and above.

2. Assuming the software is current, go to Settings on the console and locate “Remote Play Connection Settings.”

Stream Ps4 Games Ios Devices Connection Settings

3. Click on “Add Device.”

Stream Ps4 Games Ios Devices Add Device

4. The next screen shows an eight-digit code and a countdown clock that indicates how long you have to enter the code on your iOS device.

5. If the automatic method does not work, go back to your iOS device and locate the option for “Register Manually” on the “Searching for PS4” screen. Follow the on-screen instructions until the devices are paired.

Stream Ps4 Games Ios Devices Manual Registration

Game Time

You are now ready to game! To ensure the best connectivity option, make sure you go into the app and tweak the video quality. If you are completely confident in your Wi-Fi connection, go ahead and keep it at 720p or 1080p. Performance is entirely dependent on the strength of your connection. It is also worth noting that streaming PS4 games only works on Wi-Fi networks. Cellular connections are not allowed as of now, and Sony has not indicated when or if that might change.

It is also important to note that in order for this to work, your PS4 must stay on while playing. If the system shuts off, so does your connection to your iOS device. It is hardly a dealbreaker, but it is worth remembering so you do not get shut off right when you are about to rescue the princess or beat the final boss.

Optional: Connect a PS4 Controller

Stream Ps4 Games Ios Devices Ios13

This one really is not optional if you want the best overall experience on your iOS device, but it is not mandatory. With the release of iOS 13 in 2019, iOS devices now support Bluetooth connectivity with PS4 controllers. Connecting to your iOS device is done in just a few seconds and is easily a better experience than cramming the entirety of your controls onto a small smartphone screen.


For PS4 console owners, this really is a dream come true. It might not beat playing on a console directly, but the ability to play on your iOS device really is amazing. Have you already tried this out? Let us know how much you enjoy playing games on your iPhone or iPad in the comments below.

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