How to Stream Media To Your Android Device With Skifta


I have a lot of music, videos, and pictures on my personal computer, but sometimes I am not at my desk and I still want to view my media content. Fortunately, I have an Android phone and with Skifta I can easily stream these files to my phone through a WiFi network.

Register for a Skifta Account

Registering for a Skifta account is free and allows you to use the advanced features of the app.


Install Skifta on your PC

Step One: After registering and before you can stream media from your PC to your Android device you will first have to download and install the Skifta database application (get Skifta for other devices) to your PC.


Step Two: Once the app is installed you will have to wait some time for the app to configure.


The Skifta application will now run in the background and you no longer have to worry about it. If you wish to remove Skifta, remember to uninstall the Skifta background app.

Step Three: Launch Windows Media Player to configure your network settings.


Step Four: Click on “Stream” and “Allow remote control of my Player…”. This ensures that Skifta on your Android device can read the data on your computer through Windows Media Player.


Step Five: Next click on “Stream” and “More streaming options…”. Here you can enable which devices are allowed to access your network. Ensure that you have allowed your Android device access to your “Homegroup”.


Your media will now be configured for streaming.

Install Skifta On Your Phone

Step One: After configuring your PC, install the Skifta Android app on your device.


Step Two: Ensure you are connected to a WiFi network (the app only works over WiFi)

Step Three: Launch the Skifta app on your Android device.


Step Four: Once the app launches, wait for the app to update.


Stream Media From Your PC To Your Android Device

After installing Skifta on your computer and your Android device, you can start streaming media.

Step One: On the main page of the Android Skifta app you will have to select a media source. Skifta allows you to stream content from your PC, other devices connected to your local network and even “channels” on the internet such as your Facebook Photos and podcasts like Revision3.



Step Two: Next you have to select the device you want the selected media to be viewed on. If you want to simply stream content to your Android device, then simply select your device.



Step Five: Now you will be able to start browsing and playing the media on your PC (or whichever other channel or device you selected earlier).


Step Six: Select the media type you wish to stream to your Android device. The media that is in your Windows Media Player library should appear in this list. Be warned if the list of media you are trying to load is quite large (for example a large number of videos) you may have to wait some time.


Step Seven: Finally, select a video to play it on your Android device.


That’s it! Provided the file you are trying to play uses a compatible Android media format it should play without a problem.


Skifta is one of the easiest streaming apps I have come across. As long as you follow the setup as described in this article you should have no problems streaming videos, music, and even photos. Having said that, unlike competing products Skifta does not convert the video on the fly. So, you have to first ensure that the video you are trying to stream is in a compatible format. This can be problematic, however it is not a deal breaker.

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