Where Do You Store or Backup Your Mobile Data?

While we don’t store as many things on our mobile devices as we do our computers, there are still plenty of things to be stored or backed up, and our devices only hold so much. Where do you store or sync your mobile data?

Just like with a computer, when you first get a new mobile phone or tablet, it’s blank other than the apps that run it. But before long, you begin to fill it up and start to run out of space after adding apps, creating documents, and receiving emails, not to mention the many pictures you are taking that are stored. And of course, it’s still a good idea to back up the entire device to make it easier to replace in case of trouble. Some OSes make it incredibly easy to back up to their system, like Apple’s iCloud. There are also apps that will back up your entire system for you. You can do a cloud service such as DropBox, Box, or Evernote for certain pieces of your system, but you would still need to back up your system. And many people don’t trust the cloud. That’s okay; they can back up their data to their computer. And then there are people like me who use a variety of these services to back up my iPhone and iPad, with some items backed up more than once in different places.

What about you? Do you rely on the cloud? Do you just let your device back up on its own to the cloud? Or do you have your own regimen that you follow for backing up that either includes or doesn’t include the cloud? Do you prefer the old reliable computer hard drive?

Where do you store or backup your mobile data?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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    1. I use this on my Windows 7. It is good and free.


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