Don’t Want Just Any Google Plus User Emailing You? Here’s How to Stop Them

There is a new Gmail feature rolling out over the next couple of days that you may not be aware of. Google feels that there should be an easier way for Google+ members to reach each other, so they’ve done something about it. Soon you will see that when you’re composing a new email, Gmail will suggest your Google+connections as recipients. If you know all of your connections personally then this may not be an issue for you, but lets be honest, many of us add a lot of users who we don’t know to our circles.

Fortunately, your email address will not be displayed, just your name. However, once that person emails you and you respond back, they will then be able to see your email address. If you don’t want this happening, there’s an easy way to fix it in Gmail’s settings.

Gmail new recipient suggestion list including Google+ connections.

To go directly to the General Settings page, simply click this link. Scroll down until you see the “Email via Google+” section. You’ll notice that by default it’s set to “Anyone on Google+.” From the drop-down menu, you can change it to Extended Circles, Circles, or No One. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to choose specific circles; it’s either all or none. Once you’re done, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes.”

Gmail lets you choose the Google+ users that can email you.

There you have it. Now, you don’t have to worry about just any Google Plus user emailing you. What do you think of this new Gmail feature?

via Official Gmail Blog

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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