How to Find and Stop Apps from Draining Your Android Phone’s Battery

Preserving battery life is key for making sure your mobile phone actually stays “mobile.” There’s nothing worse than downloading a few new apps only to find that your battery life has begun to take a serious drop. Luckily, there’s a way you can check to see which apps are draining the battery most, allowing you to reclaim your battery’s longevity once again.

How to Find Energy Drainers

Using Android’s Battery Settings

In order to see what apps have been taking the biggest toll on your battery, first access the Settings. This is typically done by accessing the full apps list and choosing “Settings.”


In the list of options that appear find and select “Battery.”


This provides some very useful information on your device and how it uses the battery. If you scroll down, you’ll see a list of apps and how much they’ve drained the battery. There are some system-based apps you’ll find here, so keep going until you see apps that you’ve personally installed.


Using a Third-Party App


Of course, this can be long and laborious to do if you just want to check the battery drain of all your apps every so often. If you want, you can download free apps that help you compile a list of apps and their battery drainage statistics so you can quickly check them from the home page. Good examples of apps that can do this are GSam Battery Monitor and AccuBattery.

What Is “Screen” and “Mobile Standby?”

If you use the native Android option, you may notice that there are two apps that are high on battery usage – “Screen” and “Mobile Standby.” “Screen” is related to your screen being turned on, while “Mobile Standby” is the power needed to keep your phone connected to a signal to receive calls. To reduce screen battery consumption, lower the screen brightness and try not to check the phone as much over the course of your day. Mobile standby can be reduced by using airplane mode, but if you want your phone to be reachable 24/7, this may not be ideal.

Reducing an App’s Battery Usage

The most obvious way to stop an app from taking up too much battery is to uninstall it; however, there are less nuclear options to reduce an app’s footprint on your phone! If an app is being particularly troublesome, you can check the app’s options to see if you can limit its background activity. If you want to stop it completely, you can do so via the “Apps” option in the Settings page.


In the list of apps, find the one you want to stop, select it, then press “Force Stop” to bring it to a halt.


If the app is quite system-intensive, such as a 3D game, you can try limiting the amount of time you play it to help prolong the battery further. Alternatively, if the game comes with any video or graphical options, try lowering them to see if you can get your battery to last longer.

Battery Bonuses

It can be annoying to see your once-mighty battery life suddenly begin to drain on you for no explicable reason. Now you know how to see what’s killing your battery as well as some ways to prevent the battery drain.

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