Do You Stick with the Same Brand Between All Your Devices?

This comes down to a question of brand loyalty as well as personal preference. With devices taking a more permanent place in our lives, how important is it that all your devices are the same brand? Is it important that your devices are the same brand as your computer?

Of course the electronics companies want us to have brand loyalty. They’re going to do whatever they can to impress upon us how much easier it would be if you stuck to the same brand. For instance, Apple just announced that with its new OS for Mac and iOS, they’ll do a better job of talking to each other. They’ll recognize each other and allow you to transfer back and forth much more easily. Something you start on one can be finished on another. Apple isn’t alone in this. Windows of course wants the same thing with their devices, and the individual devices using Android would love it if you had both a phone and a tablet using their OS.

But how important is brand loyalty when choosing a device? Is the ease of not having to switch up OSes important? Or do you choose your devices by price, availability, and ability, regardless of OS and brand?

Do you stick with the same brand between all your devices?

Do you stick with the same brand between all your devices?

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Image Credit: Andy Mabbett via Wikimedia Commons