Master Web Design with the Start-to-Finish Web Design Bundle

It’s a new year and a great time to start a new career in web design. Don’t know where to start? Get the Start-to-Finish Web Design Bundle which will show you everything you need to know to build responsive, dynamic sites and apps. These five courses will give you skills in Photoshop, turning PSD files into HTML5 and CSS3 websites, and front-end development.

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This web design bundle includes the following five courses:

Master Web Design in Photoshop – You’ll learn to take advantage of Adobe Photoshop as a design tool with key principles such as utilizing white space, contrast, designing logos, etc.

  • Nine hours of content
  • Incorporate custom graphics and icons that you designed yourself into your work
  • Learn how to source for fonts and graphics as well as how to implement them
  • Plan and wireframe website layouts with the principles of good design
  • Complete two projects utilizing your new skills and knowledge
  • Gain access to PSD files, a cheat sheet, and website templates
  • Create a great portfolio with your work to impress clients

Learn Responsive Web Design from Scratch – With the amount of people accessing the web on their tablets and smartphones, you’ll need to know how to build a responsive website that adapts seamlessly to any device.

  • Access to twenty-three lectures and six hours of content
  • Learn about HTML5 and its structure
  • Utilize CSS3 media queries
  • Discover CSS fluid layouts
  • Gain knowledge about Twitter Bootstrap
  • Learn about other frameworks such as Zurb Foundation, HTML5 Boilerplate, and Skeleton


Learn Web Designing and HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in Four Hours – Bring your Photoshop mockups to life by taking PSD files and turning them into websites coded in HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Hand-code your first website within the four hours of content in this course
  • Create your work environment
  • Code an HTML5 skeleton, header, content section, and footer
  • Add a stylesheet, style the navigation bar, etc., all by using CSS
  • Validate your HTML5 and CSS3

Complete Guide to Front-End Web Development and Design – Learn concepts of front-end development to be able to build your own websites from scratch.

  • Access to 204 lectures and seventeen hours of content
  • Four distinct, well-organized units will teach you popular coding languages
  • Use comments and meta information in HTML
  • Transform HTML code with CSS
  • Make your website a reality with navigation bars and by formatting pages
  • Use JavaScript to debug and to create elements on the fly
  • Traverse the Document Object Model with jQuery responsive website

Mobile First and Responsive Web Design: Build Modern Websites! – Ensure that the websites and apps you create will look great on any device with the use of fluid grids and by adding responsive features.

  • 4-1/2 hours of content
  • Use fluid grids to create responsive web pages
  • Wireframe designs and configure site organization in building your website
  • Implement responsive carousels and social share buttons using jQuery
  • Map out and build responsive layouts using CSS Flexbox
  • Use Bootstrap framework, jQuery Mobile, and more
  • Optimize the images on your site so they will work better with your website

Get this bundle at 89% off for just $50, and take an additional 30% off with the coupon code NEWYOU30.

The Start-to-Finish Web Design Bundle

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